7 things I like about me ♥

Just kidding. I'm not that conceited! Thank you to the lovely Jessica who awarded me with this awesome beautiful blogger award! Since I've already done the 25 random facts one, I shall try and come up with 7 more.

I love my blackberry. Can't live without it! I'd feel so disconnected from the world hahaha.

My music & my Starbucks is all I need to start the day. When I take the bus, or the sky-train, it wouldn't matter if the journey is an hour long. My music keeps me at ease :)

I love and have a passion for photography. I love capturing moments that make me smile, or that puts a smile to someone else's life. Every moment is precious, and to capture them as a memory, is priceless.

I really like taking long baths lol. After a stressing day, and soaking in the tub with candles. Who's with me? I sadly don't have the time nowadays to do that. Oh and this was taken during my Sunshine Coast trip. Secluded in the woods 5km in + gorgeous views? Perfect. Too bad we didn't touch the tub.

Prom was one of the best days of my life. I had so much fun being with the people I had spent the past 5 years with, and it was overall, such a bittersweet closing to another chapter of our lives. Not to mention, loved my dress and my hair & makeup! Hehe

Never would I have thought I'd try paintballin' if weren't for the guys. Turns out, it was a ton of fun, paintballin' and modeling? Even better. A lot of the things that I've tried within the past year that weren't necessarily ideal for a girl, I owe it to the boys. They've taught me that I don't have to be prim and proper and look pretty all the time, and to have a little messy fun once in a while.

I have a thing for cars. Nice cars. GT-Rs, z350s.. you name it. I even took autotech back in the day! Can you imagine me in coveralls and boots trying to do an oil change? Trust me it was one of my least glamorous moments. My dream car at the moment would have to be the new 2010 Beetle convertible though. I gave up my dream of owning the x5. It's getting a little old.. and plus, I think I would look so cute driving the beetle with a sundress on, some over-sized shades and a big straw on a gorgeous sunny day. Wouldn't you agree?


sam said...

The dress, shades and a big straw hat sounds hot :) Come back to sg and we'll go for a spin in my mum's SLK!! All the boys will be chasing us in their nissans hahaha.

amileinherheels said...

that sounds awesome :) my life is in your hands sam. better drive safe!!! hahaha. are you leaving sg btw? :( xx

Jessica Mai : said...

I have always wanted to try paintball. It looks like lots of fun. Kinda like a grown up version of hide & seek!!

YUM-O!! I loove Starbucks. Any drink recommendations? Im super boring when it comes to ordering drinks..

& I love beetles too! My current dream car is the Audi R8... vrooooom. Its sexxy!


Stephanie said...

email me your name and addy winner! ;)

amileinherheels said...

it is alot of fun! a little painful at times though.. guys are rough :( hmm starbucks drink recommendations.. i really like the green tea frap. or the vanilla frap with a shot of expresso! for lighter drinks, the passion tea lemonade or green tea lemonade is good :) omg the r8 is sexy ;) can't wait to own my own car!

just did ;)

Unknown said...

i dont have a blackberry but i am quite attached to my iphone... when i was in cali for one week, i had it on airplane mode to avoid accidentally roaming... man, it was a tough one week. hahaha! as soon as we landed back in vancouver, i was so relieved to see the network change to "Rogers" ;P

I currently drive a beetle... i was supposed to get a convertible but too expensive :( i love the new ones though!!! hot hot hot!

amileinherheels said...

I know how u feel.. haha I feel so out of place with my phone. too dependent on technology..which I shouldn't be. oops. I guess we all gotta stay connected! Ooo what kinda beetle do you drive? :) Yeah a convertible in this weather is not so wise.. it even snowed today. and it's MARCH! but yes the new ones are soo fly ;)

Unknown said...

i smell an inside job on this one

amileinherheels said...

what do you mean inside job paul LOL


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