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My Valentine's and Chinese New Year's was nothing short of amazing. Great company, and not to mention.. great food! Couldn't ask for more. A bunch of us got together on Valentine's for a dinner, and I have to say it went pretty entertainingly well. Chinese New Year was nice as well, getting the family together for a reunion, and being able to see my baby cousins. Now that the weekend is over.. I have a ton of projects to finish up.. Guess I'll be spending my next two days locked up at home :( On another note.. I got my data back!!! So you guys can BBM me! :) 208E770D. I shall end this post off with some pictures. Probably do a better update sometime later this week. I hope you guys had a great weekend as well! xox


Jessica Mai : said...

mmmm that food looks delish! Is that Posh?

Good Luck with your projects girl!

Speaking of data, I need to update my plan. Im not sure if I should stay with rogers or switch to bell. I havnt been too happy with Rogers :/
WHich are you with?
& Ill add you as soon as I update my plan. Im currently phoneless and it kills!

Jess Mai

amileinherheels said...

it is posh! and now i smell like hot pot.. haha. and thanks babe <3 hopefully i can get it done tomorrow. yeah rogers has great connection.. but their service kinda sucks. i'm with rogers at the moment but have been contemplating to switch cus they have so many fees! you're currently phoneless? i so can't live w/o my bb LOL. which is kinda bad.. cus it's kinda like an addiction :/ ok add me when you get your phone back :) xox

Mae said...

Hey, I'll just like to say your blog is nothing short of amazing :) keep it up! said...

xute! happy v day; i did hot pot sat night too haha! <3 i love those mittens hehe.

Danielle Barbe said...

random comment: i am in love with your blog background. IN LOVE.

amileinherheels said...

aww thanks love! checked out your blog, but there's no place to comment. you're from singapore too? :)
thanks! happy vday to you as well :) and yes those mittens are awesome! they're cute and keeps you warm.

thanks!! i'm in love with it too hahaa

Mae said...

hey! yes I'm from Singapore too :) I'm in England for University now though,hence am away from the sun and yummy food!

And btw, could you tell me how do something so pretty like your 'a mile in her heels' banner on your blog? it's very nice :)

amileinherheels said...

@ Mae
sweeet :) i know what you mean.. even after 8 years in Canada i still very much consider sg home! :) oh yes i totally miss our hawker food!!! omg btw are you the same mae that knows sharon lim?? and yes for sure, add me on msn or something :)


Nguyen-XO said...

Aww looks so lovely & delicious!!

Aney Mei said...

The food looks delish and I hope you had an amazing Chinese new year and Valentine's day! I need a pair of those mitts!!!

serenadeveryday said...

Sounds like a great day. Spending time with family & friends AND enjoying bomb food {*yum}, must have been amazingly fun.

amileinherheels said...

@ Labels And Love

It was!!! :) Hope you had a great vday/cny as well!

@ Aney
Aww thanks, I sure did :) Yeah go grab them before it's sold out! It's very reasonable and cute!

@ Serena
Sure was! :)


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