So proud of our Canadian Boys! ♥

If you did not watch today's epic USA vs. Canada game, you missed out! Cheers for Canada who brought home the Gold after an intense OT. 14 carat baby, that's how we do, USA. Haha sorry in advance to all my American readers. I still love y'all! Sidney Crosby - resident hottie brought it home, and I'm so damn proud of this boy :') Have I mentioned he's quite the looker? Ladies, I heard he's still up for grabs! Now that the Olympics are pretty much over and done with, I'm actually quite sad to see it end. Well needless to say, it's been a good time with all the Olympic festivities despite the overwhelming crowd and protests and what not. And oh, Canada now holds the record with 14 Golds! It's the most Gold medals won by a single country at a Winter Olympic Game. Team Canada! Who's with me ? :)


Shauna said...

OMG SIDNEY CROSBY my love <3 You can call me Mrs. Crosby now :) heheheh. You must think I'm nuts. HAHA.

He's leaving Vancouver soon and that means my dreams of meeting him is shattered =(

amileinherheels said...

you wish. get in line, after me miss lim. HAHAHA. I <3 him too. we should share? since we canadians are supposed to be nice .. hehehe. i'll get you that big ass poster of him for christmas!

Shauna said...

LOL make sure he's got a hot body in that poster:) heheheh. oh crosby, NEW HERO!!

i ain't sharing my hubby with you cuz i aint a nice canadian =( <3 hahahah

Jessica Mai : said...


OMY!!! *wipes drool*

I have the bigggest crush on Sidney Crosby right now!
He is WOW!

amileinherheels said...

you know it.. i have tons of pictures of my boyfriend. i just like to share. unlike YOU. hahahaha.

ME TOO :D TEAMMMMMM CANADA FTW!!! it was an epic game today!! were u in dt? and yes i love crosby. he's one mad sexy hockey player ;)


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