Wardrobe Detoxing

So I did a little shopping today, window shopping that is. Everywhere and everyone is all geared up with Olympic wear as of late, that I feel the need to draw away from the reds and whites for once. I did try on a couple of things though. However, I wasn't wow-ed by anything I tried. Unfortunately didn't find anything I really absolutely had to have. Been wanting more florals in my wardrobe now that it's spring! But I've been leaning towards investment pieces, like the boyfriend blazers, and denim. Well here's what I tried today.. One, a fad, and the other, just something I can't see myself wearing one too many times. What do you guys think? Would love to hear you ladies' opinions!

I found this sequin harem pants, decided to try them on, and well.. I quite like them. It kinda adds access weight to the waist though. But that's the look. Well I'd pair it with a white fitted blazer, and some gladiator-styled heels/nude pumps, and I'm good to go. But honestly, how many times can I wear them? It's definitely not a piece that goes with just about anything, and after all this fad will fade eventually. And for that price, ($49.90 I believe) I would much rather invest that towards a timeless piece. The next item I tried on was this pink bandage skirt. Very Herve Leger inspired. If you knew me, you would know that I was immediately drawn to this skirt because it was pink lol. Let's just say.. I'm very drawn to all things pink and shiny haha. Literally anything. I loved the color.. but the style not so much. It wasn't too flattering on me I thought. But again. Love the color! If only they had a dress in that color. I can't seem to find anything I absolutely love nowadays.. which is sad to say :( My shopping list at the moment consists of just investment pieces. Mackage leather jacket, Michael Kors watch, Talula dress shirt, and maybe a pair of jeggings. Oh and rings! I have a serious obsession with cocktail rings as of late. What's on your shopping list?


The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) i took a trip to the mall today and blew about 700 at holts on a bag .. guh. THATS whats been on my list - a staple black everyday leather bag. i LOVE those sequin harem pants though. i know it seems flashy but (maybe cause im biased..) i love all things glamourous ! in my opinion, do it ! great for going out and its not TOO unique that you can't pair it up with different things. i would even do a denim jacket with it.

xx lue

Jessica Mai : said...

I love that pink on you!
Where is that skirt from? I was planning to purchase one similar from BCBG, but never did.

Im planning to purchase more shoes. I have a pair of Nine West leather zipper booties that I have my eye on & Im always collecting jewellery.

-Jess Mai

Chapolin Colorado Design Inc. said...

I haven't bought anything for the longest time! Oh wait, I bought something yesterday. Anyways, I'm dying for a REAL black leather jacket, a cream winter coat (although it's almost spring), printed cardigans, and silk shirts. But lately I've been spending my money on food and ice caps at Tim Hortons :D

amileinherheels said...

no worries girl! i've been swamped by projects and stuff the past week or so as well :( oooh what kinda bag was it? show me a picture! :P i haven't dropped by holts for the longest time, the crowd around that area is insane. yeah i'm still thinking about those pants.. i quite like them. it's different though! and i like your suggestion, maybe i will try it out :) xox

i love the pink too :( but i'm not too sure about it yet. it wasn't one of those "Ok-i-gotta-have-it" buys :/ this one is from H&M actually. $15! what a steal eh? you should go check it out :) I LOVE SHOES....i think i buy too much though. my parents are constantly telling me to move my shoes elsewhere! definitely jewelry! i love visiting vintage stores or stores along gastown for those finds. or even h&m + f21. cheap and chic :)

amileinherheels said...

@ Cheryl
haha i just saw your comment right when i replied the others :P aww man i miss shopping with you! i really want a real leather jacket as well :( but it's in the hundreds.. and i need to spend my $$ on school and food right now hahha! ahhhh we have to do our styling shoot soon <3 can't wait! and i've been at timmys like everyday i have school.. it's RIGHT opposite my school :/

Nguyen-XO said...

hihi yes holland! :P I love those pants, looks very good on you though ;) !and the pink is just soo soo adorable

amileinherheels said...

@ Labels And Love
that's awesome!! and thanks! i love them too :)

mirmirr said...
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mirmirr said...

HEy! You've got a dishy blog as well! :) Shall we link each other? Haha, fashionistas should unite! :)

Love the mood of your blog and the design. You're not in Singapore are you?

amileinherheels said...

hey babe! thanks :) yeah for sure let's exchange links! i'm currently in vancouver, canada studying in fashion sch as well :P but will be back in sg i think around dec when i'm done :) how about you? moving back to sg after or staying on in the uk?

mirmirr said...

moving back yo. Been staying out of singapore for the last couple of years, decided to go back. Hey talk on email?

just ping me. :)


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