Hello, I'm Well & Alive

Sorry for the lack of updates y`all! I've been somewhat busy, with Christmas coming up, and school just around the corner. Basically been enjoying the last bit of my so-called extended vacation since July 2009 LOL. Funny how it seems like it was much longer than it really is. I think I've made the best out of it though. Some travelling, BHLC Family Camp, Beach nights, and a much deserved holiday free of anything academic! Christmas is fast approaching, and I have not finished my gift shopping! Okay, I am a little guilty of shopping more than intended for myself, but the sales are partially to blame! Who can resist a bargain? Girls, you would agree with me wouldn't you? Anyhow, here's the loot.

Sin Blush | NARS
Pink Ruffled Tiered Skirt | Kimchi Blue
Wallet | Kate Spade
Fuschia Dress | H&M
Rayon Silk Short sleeve | Wilfred

Yes I do realize everything I have purchased is pink lol. And no, it wasn't intentional. What can I say? It's my favorite color, if you guys haven't noticed. Okay since we're somewhat on the topic of Fashion.. I feel like I really need to address this. (I just watched Razor TV's segment on Singaporean Fashion) How is it possible that with it being 30 degrees out, in the humid, humid weather.. Singaporeans are able to sport winter wear? That just really irks me. I used to live there for a good portion of my life, so I know exactly how the weather is like. But seriously? Bomber vests, leg warmers, and scarfs?!? Really ladies? Really?? Guys, don't think you're not guilty either. Suede/Corduroy Blazers, and beanies (Toques)? There are many other ways you could pull off great looks without looking like you've hit the North Pole. Singapore is an island in the sun. Not Antarctica, or Canada for that matter. (And to clear things up, no, Canadians do not live in igloos with polar bears. I really don't know where Singaporeans get that information from.) I'm not saying that Singaporeans dress badly, but you have to admit, we are known for our typical shorts and t-shirt attire. And for the most part, it is not flattering at all. (I'd only suggest that you wear that to the wet market, or late night supper sessions @ the Kopitiam.) So kudos to those who actually bother to dress well despite the weather. I'm also not saying that you can't pull off the shorts and t-shirt look.. but just dress it up a little. Just no Pasa Malam 3 for $10 clothes please. Even my 52 year old aunt puts in the effort to look presentable. If you're a little tight financially, I assure you Cotton On, and many other local boutiques have reasonably priced items that are chic. And using a 3 degree drop in temperature or rain is absolutely no excuse for winter wear. 27 degrees is hot. You do not know cold weather until you've experienced it below 0 degrees. Now that's when winter wear is applicable. Ladies, accesorize a little more! Turn that simple shorts and tee into something with style. Or how about a dress once in a while? And guys, what's more fresh than a polo and cargos in that hot weather? I'm sure you guys could do a lot better. You certainly do not have to be a fashionista to look good. Just put in that extra effort :) When you feel great about what you wear, your confidence will definitely shine through. XO


Mel said...

pretty in pink! love it <3
another shopping trip soon?

amileinherheels said...

thanks mel! yes def, i shall see you soon. " next year " :( right? aw def update me with the stories from home! and tiffany's baby!!!!!


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