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School is starting in less than a month for me, and to be completely honest.. I am a little nervous. But then again, I haven't been this excited about going to school in.. forever? Fashion School isn't like any other college or university. The majority of the students enrolled are females (hello, drama? let's hope not), but there's the occasional one or two male fashionistas. Also, I've been contemplating about hitting up the Motherland to live and kick start my career, after I'm done school. Which.. will be sometime towards the end of 2010. Definitely a decision that requires a long and careful thought process. But knowing me, I might just spontaneously pack up and leave. (Sometimes it works in my favor, and sometimes it doesn't) I feel like I'm always completely torn between the two places. Let's just say I don't really know where my heart lies. I've always felt that way, but people keep telling me that it's different when I have to actually live there. (Singapore) I guess I'll have to see for myself don't I? But with this decision, it comes with a whole lot of giving up and compromises. It will be a drastic change. Basically saying Goodbye to the last 8 years of my life here. The hard part will be saying Goodbye to my friends, the family, and definitely my church life here. Decisions, decisions. It's never easy.. But, I'm leaving it up to God to pave the way.


sara said...

i relate to this post to no end!!! i am always torn, perpetually homesick. home is where the heart is, and we can't help where we grew up. i don't understand how there are some who have uprooted themselves in the process ever so easily. perhaps we are blessed to have had some of the best experiences from both places imprinted upon our hearts, making it so hard to decide.

it's telling though how we have stopped making constant memories of a place we once lived in, and yet, we still yearn for it. you'd think there'd be less competition between the 2 as the years went by and we spent more and more time here!

amileinherheels said...

i don't know sara :( it's like the more we live here.. the more you wanna just pack up and head home for a little while. even if it's a week or so. and that time spent there is so precious lol. i guess it's something only a few of us will understand. home will always be home eh? i really miss all the places! and to think that people back home don't appreciate it haha. orchard to them is just orchard..whereas to us, the skyline, the buildings .. give us a sense of home and wonder


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