25 things about me

1. When I buy my own house, the first room I'm going to decorate is my study. I love having an area in my house away from all the noise, and have walls filled with boards of inspiration. Oh and bookshelves filled with interesting books! I miss that. It was the one place I could fully concentrate and be at ease.

2. I’m a pretty honest person. If you ask, I'll tell you straight-up what I think. But then there are times where I tend to keep to myself. Then you would know it's probably one of those bad days, and it's best to leave me alone.

3. I don't really like people using my computer. Unless you're a good friend or family.

4. My favourite date spot would probably be the beach. Picnic by the beach? I'm sold. I also like late night drives down to the beach. Hearing the waves crashing, and being in the cool breeze.. Ah pure relaxation.

5. I can be pretty fascinated by nature. If you bring me to a place with a clear sky and tons of stars, I could probably sit there forever and gaze at them.

6. I love anything to do with making things pretty. I love art. Fashion, interior design, photography, make-up artistry, you name it, I love it.

7. I'm most fascinated by the Aussie accent.

8. I'm a SUV-girl. I don’t like driving small cars and driving behind bigger cars.

9. If you met me, you would think that I'm a pretty easy-going person. I know I am anyways. I'm fairly easy to talk, and relate to. Some say I'm an open-book at times, just cause' I'm straight up. Good or bad thing? You be the judge.

10. The easiest way to cheer me up, is show up with my favourite ice-cream, and have a conversation with me. Oh singing badly and acting silly works like a charm as well.

11. The person I hold the most respect for, is my grandfather.

12. You sing and play the guitar? Why hello! One of the ways to my heart.

13. I have a thing for gadgets. Pink gadgets. Pink psp, pink cellphone, pink iPod cover, pink camera, pink net book. Yes i know it's girly.

14. I was a really spoiled kid back in the day. I'm not like that now, I swear!

15. I hate balloons. And the sound it makes when it pops.

16. I've been writing journals since I was 10. To date, I have around 8 books filled with entries from the past. It's kept hidden, just cause' my most embarrassing and juicy details are in there. Not even my boyfriend would be allowed to sneak a peak.

17. I can speak a total of 3 languages. how multi-lingual! not really.

18. I'm always up for shopping. If you need some shopping done, call me. I will gladly do it for you.

19. I love to sing. Anywhere and everywhere. In the car, in the shower. Something I have been embarrassed by. oops

20. When I was 3, being the rebel that I am, I decided it would be fun to pull the iron cord from the ironing board. Well that went well. Skin drafts and a few operations later, I was left with a scar on my fingers and leg. My first battle scar.

21. I have the tendency to change my camera every year. Don't ask. Bad Habit.

22. I used to game a lot when i was a kid. Yeah Nintendo and first gen play stations! now that I have the ps3, those close to 400 games are sitting in the basement collecting dust. Sad.

23. Swimming, while I was younger.. was a weekend chore for me. My dad would drill us with endless swimming lessons, always pushing us to do more, till I hated it. 40 laps/day in olympic sized pools? Yeah it was killer.

24. Every birthday, I blow out my candles and make a wish. I’ve been wishing for the same thing every year for as long as I can remember.

25. I can't live without my blackberry. I feel naked without it. That is why they call it the crackberry. It's like you on crack.


Mel said...

i love this tessa!
i especially rmbr nbr 20. my grandmother used to tell me your iron incident story so many times growing up... im like deathly afraid of irons now. haha

amileinherheels said...

@ mel

haha what an unfortunate story :( oh wells lesson learned! hey i'm prob going ikea this weekend. you wanna come w/? time to redecorate the room ;) you can help!

Mel said...

YES YES i wanna come. but you prob went today didn't you.. text me if you're going anytime soon. i love room makeover shopping! <3


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