Thankful for XXI + Canucks + Good Company ♥

Another eventful weekend! It was Thanksgiving this past weekend (for us Canadians), what are YOU thankful for? I for one, am thankful for the wonderful family and friends in my life. For the moments in life that are simply breathtaking. I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head. Thankful for all the things I'm fortunate enough to have. Most importantly, for God being by my side every step of the way. I know Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and all, but I think we shouldn't just limit that to one holiday. I guess with how we're always wanting more, we tend to forget to realize how fortunate most of us are to appreciate it, and give thanks for that. I didn't have a typical Thanksgiving dinner this year round, nor did I spend it with my family, but I'm glad to have spent it with people I enjoy being around most. On another note.. This weekend was the official opening of Forever 21! One of my favorite stores. Couldn't leave the store without a couple of good buys right? Well here they are!

1: Leopard Print Shrug Cardi 2: Zipper-detailed Bustier Dress 3: Chiffon Flowy Teal Top 4: Metallic Ruffled top 5: Tweed Wool Coat 6: Peranakan-inspired Necklace (not shown)

The store was nothing short of fab! However the insane line-ups and shoving of crazy shoppers wasn't too appealing. Did not stop Cheryl and I from shopping though! Thanks love for coming out and accompanying me! Friday's unofficial opening created quite the buzz. I have never seen a store so busy. Not to mention it was insanely hot in there. Waaay too many people. Add people's B.O onto that as well. The line-up on Friday wasn't too bad. Didn't have to wait too long. But Saturday's was over the top, and suffocating. 3 hours into the line-up, and I was finally out of there. Saw tons of people I haven't seen in ages as well at the store. Definitely a go-to store once the crowd dies down. Let me tell you, never again will I shop in that store if it's going to be like what it was on Saturday. Can you say claustrophobia!

Prior to that, we (Kim, Ben, Melanie and Elle) were at lunch and the Canucks Open Practice. Most exciting part was the shoot out. Even the alumni game wasn't too great. I guess it's cause they're oldies haha. So to the fans who didn't make it, you didn't miss out too much. Headed to Shabusen after that, and I gotta say.. our attempt at all you can eat without a guy, was an epic fail. We literally did one round of food, and was stuffed down to our stomachs. So much for all you can eat! But it was good nonetheless.


grapefruit said...

i love my $15 jeans i got from there! also i love the twelve by twelve stuff but a bit pricey. more classy =)

amileinherheels said...

@ elena
you got $15 JEANS ?!??!! ahhhhhh .. time to pay a 2nd visit. i had enough that day after the insane lineup. but yeah my friend bought a pair today for $30. soooo soft and comfy. despite all the craze and hype with f21, i still prefer aritzia haha. even though it's a splurge at times, their quality for some of their stuff is well worth spending on. well for their staple items anyways.


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