Back from Camp -- Revived

Tonight, was straight amazing. Yeah revival! It was so awesome to see people just let go, and just praise God. To just not care about everything else, and just be in His presence. I wish it happened more often. I used to be so conscious of my singing, but tonight.. that didn't matter. All I wanted to do was praise God, and open up my heart to Him. Fall on my knees and pray. Sometimes when I think of how far I've gone throughout these two years, even I'm a little surprised at myself. But of course, God has played the biggest role during this period of time, and I'm grateful for that. For His love, patience and everything He has done for me in my life. I've had my heart broken, I've had the days where I just hope I never have to go through again, did some things I'm not proud of, lost the people most dearest to me, and wished I had second chances. But that's all in the past now. Even though I did some things then I wouldn't have now.. It was my mistake to make, and learn. And I'm glad it all happen then, because I wouldn't be where I am now. All the pain, and misery (misery loves company eh), is being left in the past. But at that time.. it hurt so much. I remember one of the toughest and longest days of my life was when my grandfather was terminally ill in the hospital, and I had to take the next flight back home. I was dead scared, and cried on the flight there. I felt so helpless, because he didn't even remember who I was, and the fact that I've moved to Vancouver. And then he passed. Most grandchildren I know aren't that close to their grandparents.. But I was tight with mine. He literally brought me up all those years. Taught me good manners, and made sure that in life, I had fun. But upon his death, I shut myself out, from a whole lot of things. At times I still miss him, reminisce of the days when he was still around.. But I'm glad too, that he doesn't have to suffer anymore, and that he's in a better place. Moving on to relationship-wise, I guess you could say it was a mess. But it was, for sure a learning experience. I don't really talk much about it publicly, but if you knew me well enough, you would know the story. But yes, I haven't gotten into another serious relationship ever since. It's not that I'm not ready, I just haven't found the right person. Everything in it's time right ? Okay I think I shall head to bed. Another long day tomorrow. Peace & Love folks.


sam said...

"it's not that i'm not ready, i just haven't found the right person."

Babe, when you find the right one, he'll be more than amazing, greater than you could ever imagine :)



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