My vaio has failed me

Sorry for the lack of updates! Won't be updating as much due to the fact that my laptop is off my hands for at least a couple of weeks. (if you've read my tweets, you'll see how enraged I was when Best Buy told me of Sony's stupid policy.. which I then proceeded to vent my anger on twitter haha.) Anyways, I had quite the weekend.. A rather tiring one as well. Richmond Night Market, parties, and late nights. I'm partied out.. for now. Another long week ahead.. With more parties and dinners to come. Not too keen at the moment.. But maybe it'll turn around later in the week. Today was good though. Spontaneously good, right L.Tran? Misssss you! We finally got to catch up, after such a long time. Thanks for coming out to watch the game with me, hockey buddie. Nucks4life! We need more of those days! Anyways, I think I shall end here. Check twitter for updates? I'm super tired right now. Gotta be up in a bit to meet Diana and Kev. So good night world. (yes i am well aware it's 4:34 AM)



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