Sunkissed is the new black

Sunbathing, or tanning rather, was nice today. Cool breeze, but the sun was still out as well. Speaking of which, I've decided to blog about what essentials are needed for the beach/tanning. First off, definitely op for flip flops! Seriously, who wears pumps, or even runners per se, to the beach? You're only going to get sand all over it, and potentially ruin them. There are a bunch of places that sell cheap, affordable ones, such as H&M, or Old Navy. (you could get old navy ones for $1 if you happen to be there for their sale. what a steal eh?) But the classic Havaianas will do as well, and you could find those at Below the Belt, or Aritzia. And towels! I say go colourful, even though it doesn't matter as much since you'd be sitting on it. But a cute towel is always nice! Another staple item would be a great beach bag. Aritzia sells those for approximately $20, and their designs are rather cute as well. Anyways, here's what's in my beach bag, the bare minimum : a couple of mags, an iPod, bottled drinks, a football/volleyball, a towel, my shades, and sunscreen. It'd be best if the bag was waterproof, as you would be at the beach. But that doesn't matter too much. Don't load up on too many things, as it could be a pain to carry all of it, and it also could possibly get stolen while you're tanning. And to end this off, here's a tanning secret from Victoria Beckham herself. It's taken from the book that I read this afternoon, which is called that extra half an inch, by Victoria Beckham. Enjoy ladies!


To get a good colour on holiday, exfoliate beforehand as this will ensure you get the best colour. Yes, it does mean that you'll look like a pasty ghost for your first few days of holiday but the end results will compensate. My favourite scrubs are both from Origins - Never A Dull Moment for my face and Paradise Found for my body, both of which I rely on for my pre-holiday prep. Of course, though, you have to be very careful when you tan and make sure you get a good sunscreen with a high SPF. No one wants to end up looking like one of those old ladies with a face like a Louis Vuitton handbag. In fact, I tend to try to get a tan on my body and leave my face lighter, which means my beach formula is sunblock on the face and a high-factor suntan lotion on the body. Having a tan on your face also means that you have to change your usual make-up palette, which is a total pain. Who can be bothered with that on holiday? So, given all the important health issues, be extra careful about covering yourself in sunscreen every time you go out.



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