Chasing pavements

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it goes nowhere..

Ok rant time. I'm so annoyed with my dating life right now. Seriously, why is it that whenever something good is going on, there are always a few minor setbacks/flaws that ruin it? I know it's never perfect, but at least it works out, unlike my situations lately. It's either.. No chemistry, but all around great guy, or.. tons of chemistry, similar hobbies/interest, established with his career, smart, cute.. whatever. And then ... *drumroll* the age factor comes into play. I've said this a million times. I feel like I'm born in the wrong year lol. The people I tend to be around and associate myself with, are often quite a bit older than I am. But I get along perfectly well with them. However as of late, the age factor seems to be quite a problem. It's not that I have a problem with it, but usually, the guy does. Most of the guys I've dated or am attracted to, are at a point in their lives right now where they're ready to settle down, and already have a stable job. Whereas I, am fresh out of school, and I'm still planning to go to school. It's not like that would make a big difference to me, but it's usually somewhat of a problem with the guy. I believe that if it's the right time to settle down, it'll happen, at the right place and time. (obviously not too soon lol) It's not like that would stop me from doing the things I want to do, and the goals I want to accomplish.. Because that guy would be someone who would support and respect my decisions. I just wish it wasn't that big a deal with whoever I'm dating that's quite a bit older. Because.. that's the only thing practically that's kind of iffy within the relationship. It makes us question if it would work out, because I'm a little younger, and might not want to get tied down too soon. Damn boys, I wish it wasn't so complicating : ( Sorry I don't like guys around my age -.-


Danielle's Blog said...

it's okay to be younger. if the guy isn't interested it could be more than just an age factor. don't let it get to you. i have a feeling that values and personal goals play big roles in dating decisions.

amileinherheels said...

the thing is they are :( and then when we look at the age gap, somehow later on, it affects it. oh well.

Sara said...

hey girl =) i think all the 'bad eggs' we meet or disappointing relationships are quite unfortunate, but since life is full of good and bad, the GOOD is that when we finally meet the right guy who accepts us entirely for who we are and these problems like age etc matter no more, we'll be thrilled and thankful!

BUT most importantly, we'll appreciate and love him so much more because we have been hurt before, and the contrast of finding someone who treats us the way God wants us to be treated, will all the more be magnified. I know you'll find the right guy one day Tessa, you deserve it =)

amileinherheels said...

hey sara! :) aww thanks. yeah i know what you mean, but i get a little impatient sometimes :P maybe the inner kiasu-ness in us singaporeans HAHA. but yes, agreed that it's all part of his plan. just gotta wait it out.

grapefruit said...

love these moments of being single, tessa! do everything that you can do and achieve what you can achieve before getting into a relationship because, trust me, you lose a lot of time and you still have big dreams (and talents to accomplish them) so focus your energy on that and whenever mr. right comes along, he'll say 'wow tessa, ur is CRAZY! let me treat you to some bubbletea' and hence starts your romance =)

amileinherheels said...

hey elena! yes definitely big dreams to accomplish. and yes, we should meet up sometime soon. i haven't seeen you in ages !! <3


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