5 years ago

Today was the Grad BBQ, and also the day that we finally receive the grade 8 letters we wrote to ourselves. And.. I'm not going to post all of it up on this blog, simply because.. it's embarrassing. I sound completely stupid and very much like a blonde. (in my opinion anyways) Then again, I was 13 at the time. Here's sniplets of it :

"The thought of what will happen is soo exciting. Like I mean it's like a movie about your life just waiting to happen."

" Thank you me for being me." (LOLOL.. Seriously I just about died from laughter reading this part.)

" I hope I'll still be a Grad of 09" (HAHA..)

Anyways, to end this off.. Here are some pictures from today. Didn't take much as I was busy with the grad gifts.



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