Another milestone reached

Today marks the final week of my high school life. Can I say that I'm excited? Sure, but I'm sure going to miss the little bits & pieces of it. Prom in 3, and I'm pretty stoked. I finally got everything I needed, THE WEEK OF PROM. But hey, last minute shopping sure has it perks. Grad BBQ in 2, and I'll get the long awaited letter. Get ready for some laughter. The GRADS of 09' board also came in today, which i guess, really hit us that we're actually graduating :( So anyways, on another note.. I was part of a jury for a mock trial today, and I surprisingly had tons of fun. Hello bonus marks ;) But yeah, the Grade 8s doing the trial are sure very energetic and loud.. More so than we were at Grade 8. They were actually really different than how our batch was then. And this.. takes me back to how much I've changed over the years. I mean in Grade 8, we were so innocent and pretty well-behaved. I was pretty quiet then as well, but that all changed in grade 9. I went blonde (literally), did some things I probably wouldn't have now, and partied like there's no tomorrow lol. That phase carried on throughout the next few years, and finally.. After YC07', everything changed. I guess I grew up. And slowly, I emerged out of that phase, and everything seemed to finally fall into place. I realized that there's so much more to having fun than partying all the time, and doing the things that I did. I'm actually really grateful to Rachel, for bringing me to camp, and introducing me to the people at BHLC. They're truly amazing people, and some of them now, happen to be some of my closest friends. That year was truly an eye-opener for me, relationship-wise, and definitely spiritually as well. It was a step closer I took towards having a stronger relationship with God, and never looked back since. I stepped out of my comfort zone and fully commited myself to God. (no jokes lol if you knew me then, and now, you'd say I've changed quite a bit.) I guess a lot of people don't expect this from me, but what can I say? People change for the better. And I know for a fact that I have : )

P.S I know this is totally random but, I can't wait to stock up my Summer closet with the Wilfred's Summer line & Aritzia's must-haves!



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