Photowalk and the Summer of possibilities

TGIF? Or thank God it was Friday. So yesterday I had quite the relaxing, and enjoyable Friday. Early wake-up call? + free drinks & photography? Thanks Andrew! Followed by worship = mission @ BHLC, which I might add was pretty good. Another full day ahead today. Should be fun, jam fest + birthdays? Sounds like it'll be a good day. So, on another note.. now that I'm out of school.. I have somewhat of a break, before I actually get back to working regularly and school, full time. However.. I seem to find myself still in "school-mode". Ironic eh? Considering I couldn't wait to get out of school. But now that I'm out.. I'm not used to it. It'll probably take some getting used to, and adjusting, but as for now, I miss having something regular to do everyday. I still find myself jampacking my weekends, because I keep thinking I'll have school when weekday comes. Despite all that, I'm excited for school either in the fall or early next year. I'm finally able to expand my knowledge with what I'm truly passionate about, and see where that will take me. Summer of endless possibilities? I think so.



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