I honestly give up. (Kim you know what I'm talking about) I'm so sick of this ongoing cycle that leads to nowhere. As of now, I'm officially done with this till something good comes out of it. Enough of the mind games. On another note, I'm almost done. Almost there. In approximately a week and a half, I will be out of what we call, high school. 5 years has passed.. Amazing how time flies eh? Didn't seem too long ago that we wrote those self-written letters to ourselves.. And had it kept in a safe place only to have it read 5 years later. I don't remember what I wrote to be honest. Probably something about who my friends were at that time, what I was into, and maybe snuck in a couple secrets. Who knows, maybe if I find the letter amusing enough, I just might post it up on this blog. Get ready for a laugh. It was probably stupid, and very much what you'd hear from a 13 year old at that time. Grad year is almost coming to an end, and truthfully, it scares me. I can't believe Prom is next week, and I'm not even ready for it. It's funny though, how the hype just died down for everyone when prom draws to a close. Back to why it scares me.. Well, I know what I want to do, and where I'd like to go in life.. But I'm not in my safe haven anymore. High school was our safety net. We are so spoiled, and pampered by our teachers, and our peers. Sure, hard work and self-discipline comes into play, but when it comes down to it, we're still very much babies. I'm excited though, to see what the future holds for me, and where I will go in life. Maybe 10 years from now, I'll be a successful photographer, or I'll be working in the fashion industry.. or.. happily married, living life in the fast lane. Tai Tai? Haha I wish. With all these emotions at hand, being sad would also be on the list. It'll be a huge change, losing some friends, and gaining some more along the way, and a change of environment as well. My girls, this last year has truly been one of the best because of you girls. Thanks for making school and lunch hours fun, and the not so PG-13 jokes. Haha. Even though there's drama every now and then, we're always still down for each other. & the guys, need I say more? I guess I can say.. even with everything that's been going on, the good and the bad, I still truly feel blessed. I have faith that God will always be there for me, regardless. And not to mention my church friends, I can't thank you guys enough. Thanks for always being there. Whether it's the 2AM chats, photo shoots, or catching up over coffee, it's always been a good time. Mad love for you guys ! & Martin, so maybe you are right about this year being a great one. I mean.. so far, it's been somewhat smooth sailing.



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