Home is where the is ?


I miss..

rainy days in Singapore, when it'd be pouring like crazy.. and I'm indoors, sitting at TCC or up at Dempsey on my laptop. Raandom but yeah. I truly do miss being back there. I have no idea why this has been back and forth on my mind constantly.. but it has been. I guess when it really comes down to it, I just can't seem to settle. Singapore vs. Canada. I can't seem to make up my mind. However, lately.. everything just keeps reminding me of Singapore. (it's hard for me to call either one home, cause' I was practically raised half there, and half here.) Every little thing, and it drives me craazy at times. Moving back was always an option for me. I've never once thought of giving up my citizenship. But as of now.. I'm at a standstill. I'll be graduating in June, and will be going to fashion/beauty school soon after. But I don't know where I will go after that. Sure I'll have at least another year, or so.. and anything can change within a year.. I've been praying about it for quite sometime, and will continue to do so. God, please give me a sign !! Lol. There's so many things/occasions that have happened, that I wished I would've been there for. Not being there for my nephew's 1st birthday, not being there for my mama's 80th birthday. Not being there for my uncle's funeral... not being there for my cousin's wedding. So many things.. Ultimately, I'll have to see how things go.. and hope that it'll turn out well.



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