Hanging onto the night ♥

After spending half of my life in tropical climate, I definitely enjoyed the change of weather when I moved to Vancouver. Freezing temperatures, rain, and snow? I can live with that. (Even though I complain about it at times.) Especially when we are blessed with beautiful, sunny days during the Fall/Winter season. (Such as today!) It's almost a rarity, but when we do have those days.. it's just that much more delightful.

I took my cameras out today hoping to get some shots while in the downtown area, but I ended up with none. However, on my way home, the sun was setting.. and it gave me the perfect opportunity to snap away. So I ended up with these. Sometimes the best photos are captured when you least expect it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! Time for me to cozy up with a good read and some tea.

Miles onto new heights ♥

The world is filled with unimaginable beauty. Open your eyes.

I think this is precisely why I love traveling so much. It allows me to see what's considered normal in other parts of the world, in a different light. Discover the hidden gems and be charmed by them. Explore the adventures that await. Experience life from another angle, with the lens magnifying it's raw, honest, beauty. Hear the sounds that are ever so foreign, yet familiar all at once. And be touched by the hearts of other nations, one beat at a time.

When I travel, I lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. Yet slowly, I find myself trusting strangers. Slowly.. being intrigued by them. Connecting with them through sincere and genuine conversations. And perhaps.. by the end of it all, call them some of my greatest friends. The type of friendships built by a bond that began on such foreign grounds.. Those are just something else

Some day, I would like to travel alone again. Challenge myself. Take the road less travelled. Wander but not be lost. See more than I can remember, and indulge in the simple pleasures of everyday life. Impart new vigor to the mind, from the experiences I encounter. Foster an appreciation of God's wonderful creation, and see the world as it is.. not how I imagined it to be.

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