Back here once again ♥

“You’re not going to have a really incredible experience each time you take a photograph. So you just keep taking them. And taking them and taking them. And then, every once in a while, it happens.”

Lately, I have been in what you can call.. a photography rut. I haven't been inspired, and I rarely take my camera out. Every so often, I find myself here once again. Sometimes, I have bursts of creative flow and ideas and I get overly excited about it, but at times.. it's dead quiet. 

India for me was the peak and highlight of my photography journey. You could say being there.. was a photographer's dream. I found myself constantly snapping away, and both my memory cards would be filled up by the end of the day. It was magical. Frame after frame left me in awe. 

But now that I'm back in Vancouver.. I haven't been photographing as much. I need my groove back. I miss capturing the beauty of life. And for those moments to capture me. Hopefully I'll find it soon. In the meantime, here are some favourites from the archives I left hanging!

Wildest moments ♥

Family shoots are always an enjoyable for me. Makes it even better when I know the family personally! Always a ball of fun with the Chongs (And Mich!) Hope you guys enjoy the photos as well :) I had a blast shooting! Just thought I'd do a quick post for the weekend. Will try and update more soon! XOXO

Brighter than the sun ♥


Oh hello world. One of the rare outfit posts that I actually throw out on my blog! Honestly, I think at times I'm quite awkward in front of the camera.. that's why I would much prefer being behind the lens. Maybe it's because I'm used to it as well. I managed to catch up with my (little) sis Elle today. Our schedules always seem to be jam-packed that we hardly find time for each other. But it's always nice when we get the chance to. She also helped me snap these photos! Totally wasn't ready for that last one. Oops.

While chatting over dinner, we also decided that we'll be traveling together next Summer! (Along with a few other friends!) Gotta love Summer adventures abroad. And spontaneous decisions. I'm extremely excited to see where this trip will take us. Our last real trip together was back in 2005 I believe. Far, far too long ago. Definitely a trip overdue.

Anyways, I hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead! Cheers to good weather, great company, and our beautiful sunshine. XOXO

Little snaps of the week ♥

Just a little instagr.aming going on the blog! I love how easy this app is, and how awesome photos look haha. I probably have about 12 photo apps on my phone lol. A little excessive, I know. But hey, anything for great photos right? You can also follow me on @tessatham! Hope y'all have an awesome weekend ahead! Cheers to that.

Sometimes it takes a village ♥

One of the things that struck me the most in India, is the strong sense of community in the villages. Their neighbours are practically family to them. Reminds me of my own neigbours in Singapore. I could spend the day at their place, and them at mine. And I loved that. It was an open door policy. Each household we walked into and visited was so warm, and so welcoming towards us. To be honest.. it almost felt like we were celebrities haha. I don't think I've ever felt greater joy than spending time with the children in the villages. Some of them are students enrolled in our school too! So it was awesome to see familiar faces. They were all so lively, so cheerful.. and they had that innocence to them that is just so pure.

There was an instance when one of the staff from the school left his daughter with one of the children, and he just knew that she'd take good care of her. Completely different from the North American mindset eh? At the end of our visit, he asked where she was.. and that girl came running back with his child in her arms, and passed her to her dad. This just reminded me of this quote by Anthony D'Angelo: Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. I guess that's why it works there. They all care for one another like family. And let me tell you.. it's a beautiful thing.

Every encounter in India took me to new heights with how I feel about this country. And this is one of them. Hopefully these photographs show you why :)

P.S If any of you guys want to sponsor a child, hit me up! I've seen first hand how it has benefited these children, and I believe that each child should be given the opportunity for an education. It's only $25/month. It'd be awesome if you were a part of this too! Feel free to email or tweet me! XOXO


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