Philanthropy x Fashion ♥

When I first stumbled upon this video, I was so captivated by the rawness and beauty of it. And then I read the story behind it. Obakki, a local Vancouver boutique, had started this foundation to use fashion and the creative arts as an outlet to bring education and water to the people in Africa. 

I thought this was just another amazing way to incorporate a love for fashion, and philanthropy. It's been something I've been wanting to be involved in, but haven't had the creative outlet to do so. But it's definitely encouraging to see this in my city of Vancouver! Check the video out, it's worth the watch.

San Francisco Photo Diary: Alcatraz ♥

Part deux of San Fran. We took the ferry over to Alcatraz, and did the audio tour. So. Worth. It. Well.. I find history very fascinating, so I actually had quite a good time listening to the audio tour, and exploring the location itself. We came across this tiny window right by the jail cells, and it overlooked the beautiful skyline of San Francisco. Sometimes I wonder if that view ever gave the inmates motivation to turn their lives around. Knowing that one day they'll be back out there. Back in their city, in hopes of living a better life. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Electric Red ♥


It finally feels like Spring in Vancouver. With a little Summer on the side! And here's another rare outfit post. It's been awhile, huh? Had lunch earlier at Chill Winston, with my man friend, Aaron. (Inside joke.) Gorgeous day out for some patio dining and window shopping in Yaletown. Also managed to pick up my print from Randa! Check her site out. You can't go wrong with these fabulous prints for your space. Keeping this one short, hope you all have an amazing weekend! XO

Down by the bay ♥

The bay area. I think by this leg of the trip, we were pretty tired and was most looking forward to being back home in Vancouver, so I wasn't expecting much from San Fran. Oh and we were dying for some legit Asian food. Thankfully, my friend Prosper who lives there, took us out for some at Fang's! The chef there was cool. He's this charming elderly man with great humour, and of course.. superb cooking skills. If you ever visit his restaurant, get him to order for you. I promise you won't be disappointed! But I have to say.. San Fran is a beautiful city. I enjoyed the stunning architecture, the rich history, and of course.. the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. We also checked out Apple's HQ. And Steve Job's house. Which is pictured below.

One of my favourite things to do in San Fran is to ride the tram. We spent quite some time exploring the city, checking out different sites via the tram. Inexpensive, and fun! I personally think it's the best way to see the city, even though we had a car. (Which we took down Lombard Street. Scary.) I also had the chance to check out Stanford University. Beautiful campus. And just all around amazing. (Sorry, UBC.) If I could pick a University to attend, it would be that one.. hands down.

And what would a trip to a city be without shopping and food? We stayed by Sutter street, which is a stone throw's away from the shopping district, as well as the eateries. After dinner at Fang's we headed to Twin Peaks. SO glad I didn't pass up on this! My cousin and her husband headed back to the hotel, while Becks and I went with Prosper to Twin Peaks. (Thanks again for taking us!) Best. View. Of the city. Ever.

We ended the night with a stroll and photo walk down by the waters, with a view of the Bay Bridge. Couldn't have asked for a better night. Up next.. Alcatraz, Golden Gate, Baker beach and my birthday :) Have any of you been to San Fran? What's on your list of things to do there? 

Dim sum & rooftop parties ♥

My apologies for the lack of posts. I haven't been motivated to blog as of late.. call it writer's block, or just plain uninspired. (Okay, part laziness.. and work/family matters has taken quite a good chunk of my time.) But when you get a group of girls together, especially Lily and Matina, it's always a good time. With lots of photos. And it goes on the blog. I think the people at the restaurant were giving us looks when Matina and I brought out our DSLRs and started snapping away.. Oh well.

Some delicious dim sum and catching up later, we ended up on a roof. With a guy who was wearing a crow mask.. double the size of his head. (There are tons of art studios in Chinatown, and he was doing a shoot.) Yep, doesn't get any more odd than this.

Can't wait for round two back in this hood. With beautiful weather anticipated for the Summer, some shopping around Union Street (Hello THE BOARD OF TRADE CO.!) and Phnom Penh? Sounds like a good time.

In other news, I will be going to India in August! More on that later. XO

A night in Yosemite ♥

There's something about nature that continues to captivate me. From the different seasons and temperatures, to the sunrises and sunsets. It is never quite the same every day. We had planned to stay at Lake Tahoe, but we decided to move on to Yosemite instead. I love that about traveling. Sometimes things don't quite work out the way you planned, but in every decision comes a blessing in disguise.

We stumbled upon this small town (don't exactly remember what it's called) on our way into Yosemite and was starving! Decided to check out this quaint supermarket that caught our eye. On my way in, I was cheerfully and joyfully greeted by the staff, and they soon started conversing with us. It was really nice to see how this community of people lived such a simple life, and enjoyed every bit of their job. Even if it's just at the supermarket. A rarity in the hustle and bustle of city life. Oh and their store playlist? Hillsong United! I also loved how they had little signs and sayings up or painted around the store. Pretty nice touch if you ask me.

My first thought that came to mind when we continued on with our drive? Wow this place looks like the set of a Twilight movie. So raw, so hauntingly beautiful. The colours were stunning. The fog/mist helped with the ambience. Wouldn't you agree?

It snowed the day we were there, as well as the day we left. Let's just say.. the drive down was quite the adventure. From this place looking like the set of Twilight to Narnia, I'd say this place is a must see. Hoping to come back sometime during Summer in the near future! Have any of you guys been to Yosemite?


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