Back to the Childhood days ♥

I was excited to check this video out when it was first posted by a few friends of mine. And I'm so glad I did because it brought back a ton of memories. This generation is now living life on the fast lane, due to our advancement in technology over the past decade. Not that it's such a bad thing, (I'm quite the gadget/tech queen.) but I do miss the simpler times.

I remember the days of the country erasers costing 10 cents, the writing of each other's "walls" aka. autograph books, taking the school bus together, five stone, avoiding prefects (Though I have to say, not all were bad. Some were good friends of mine!).. and playing jump rope.

Probably one of the best childhood memories. Been meaning to pay my former Primary school a visit, but I haven't gotten the chance to these past few trips back. I think it's about time I do.

I'm still in touch with two of my favourite Primary school teachers! Pretty awesome.

P.P.S Meeting up with one of them in Vancouver in a few weeks :) 

Open up your eyes to what's already there ♥

This is why I loved being in Vegas. To be surrounded by such beautiful, majestic creations and stunning colours of nature. Just couldn't get enough of it. On our last day, we did a drive through Red Rock. We took a little longer than expected at each stop (Sorry JX!), but the photos are evident as to why. So one thing about travelling with my cousins, we love to snap photos. There were three girls on this trip, and well.. all three took every photo opportunity presented. Doesn't help that we had four cameras going as well. Two DSLRs, One point and shoot, and well.. the iPhone. It could either be a good or bad thing with whoever else that travels with us haha! Do you guys have any photography enthusiasts in the family?

Oh, and funny side story. I wore a dress to this place. Note-to-self: Never again. Climbing rocks and hiking in a dress and TOMS? Not a good idea. I have a funny photo to prove it. Ask and I might just show you.

The Guest List: What to wear ♥

Summer Bloom
Seeing as that Summer is just right around the corner.. and there's a ton of weddings coming up as well, I thought I'd do a post on what to wear to Weddings: Summer Edition. (Sorry guys, this is for the ladies. I'll try and do a guy edition soon!)

Look #1: Summer, florals.. you can't go wrong right? This is great for outdoor weddings. A garden one possibly? I especially love the colours on the floral print with this dress. It's feminine, and doesn't say grandma's curtain. The waistband on this dress gives a defined waist, yet the flare adds a flirty, fun touch to it. Accessories - Kept it simple with pops of colours that compliment the dress. And the heels.. love them. I know this look might come across as "old" or more "mature".. but it's really how you wear it and carry yourself. Now someone in their teens could wear something like that, but could go with a different floral pattern or style/cut of dress. And be playful with their accessories!
Back to Basics
Look #2: Back to simplicity. Fairly basic dress (minus the subtle print) as the canvas.. (Don't know what colour? Pick your favourite and go from there!) and then pile on the accessories! You know what they say. When in doubt, accessorize! Summer is a season for colours. And when you go for a dress that is on the simpler side, you have room for that. Plus if you have a number of weddings to attend like I do, it's an inexpensive way to go. Accessories can change an outfit completely. Depending on the wedding you're attending, you can always dress up or dress down with this dress. Oh and the Ray Bans. I love how they're casual cool with any outfit. Those are a classic.
Smoke Signals
Look #3: Black is the new.. black. It just never gets old. Ever. Channel a chic, sophisticated vibe with this colour. (So fancy schmancy, I know.) With black, the options are endless. I chose this dress with a frilly bottom to give the outfit some texture. Find one that fits your style. Add some sparkling stunners and you're good to go. With such a colour, you can play up your make-up as well. Smokey eyes, bold, red or fushia lips. This would probably be your go to for a formal wedding at a hotel of some sorts. But make sure you have fun with it!
Dual Duty
But of course, if you're on a budget.. go with separates! Make purchases that do double duty. You can totally style these in a million ways. (And add them to your everyday wardrobe.) Belt it up, and you're good to go. I adore that gold belt. Adds definition to the outfit, and completes it. Chiffon skirts always do the trick. Especially for Summer weddings. They're light, flowy, and so wearable. I like my separates to have contrasting colours and textures, but if you want the same colours, you could do that as well. Two of my favourite pieces are a pencil skirt and a peplum top in the same colour. Looks like a dress when paired together. Another fave in the wardrobe right now? A lace pencil skirt. Trust me, lace always looks stunning in photos.

Now with all that being said, take cues from your invitation. Bear in mind the venues stated. That's where you'll start. Some golden rules to follow..

Never wear white. You're not there to outshine or compete with the bride. It's her day, you'll have yours. Only exception? If the invite states so. (Ex. My cousin's wedding at the beach stated that it was an all white affair.) You don't want to be known as that girl, do you?

2. Do not show up sloppy. Dark jeans may pass for certain weddings, but please.. make an effort. You're part of the wedding. Don't troll the photographs. I haven't seen it here yet.. but back in Singapore, people have worn jeans and a polo to a wedding at a 5-star hotel. Needless to say, it was an awful sight. Total eyesore. If I was the photographer.. you are most definitely cropped! Not trying to be mean, but how you dress is a sign of respect to the Bride and Groom. If you don't care, showing up in jeans and a tee is no better than flip flops and a bathing suit.

3. Ladies, don't show up as if you're going to a club. This isn't Vegas, and you're not bringing sexy back. (Maybe if it was a wedding there... you might get away with it.) I know there may be single guys there, that you might keep a look out for to grab their attention.. but no. If you have to ask whether it's appropriate, it probably isn't.

4. Save the LBDs for the evening. That is all.

Well I hope some of you found this helpful! Now go and rock those looks! More importantly, wear them with confidence. That's the best accessory to any look. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, and/or suggestions! I'd be more than happy to read them. XO

A Vegas photo diary ♥

Waking up in Vegas ♥

What did I get for waking up in Vegas? Quite the experience I must say. This was probably the most comfortable leg of our trip, being put up a nice hotel with awesome service. (As expected, everyone there runs on tips.) Vegas. Land of excessive drinking, partying, and drunk Hello Kitties on the street. But, I ended up with the other side of Vegas! Shopping, sightseeing (This was so bomb. Pictures to follow!), buffets, and shows.

I have to say.. my favourite part of this trip would have to be the Grand Canyon. We took the heli tour, which was SO worth it. I highly, highly recommend it. Breakfast and lunch is included as well. Plus.. both our guides were pretty awesome. One's French and the other is Taiwanese! We had the heli and boat to ourselves, which was nice. Our Taiwanese guide on the boat, even let us drive the boat down the river! Oops, wasn't supposed to share. He also spoke to us in Hokkien and Mandarin, and we felt so at home haha!

Sometimes, you come across scenic destinations that blow your mind. This was one of the times. I can't exactly tell you how majestic the formations in the Canyon were, or how impressive they look. I hope these photos will do the talking instead!

This is our Taiwanese guide! He was awesome. Such a down to earth and warm person. We've had interesting coincidences during our trip, and this was most definitely one of them. At a glance, we couldn't tell he was Chinese! Especially since none of other guides were. But life surprises you sometimes. And these are the little moments that make it awesome. I'll have to do a photo diary for the rest of the Grand Canyon in the next post! Took way too many pictures.

When was the last time you were in Vegas? And what were your favourite things to do while you were there? Do share, I'd love to hear! XO

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