Collaborative Residence ♥

Here's the final product! I had a ton of fun with this collaboration, as Lily and I got to style these four looks together with pieces from THE BOARD OF TRADE CO.'s nu in-house women's line, WU+SEN. It's always a good time when I get to work with creative forces such as David and Lily. So if you like what you see, head down to the store (227 Union Street) to say hi and check it out, because these sure go quick! See anything you like yet in particular from this shoot? ;)

Hidden Gem: The Board of Trade & Co ♥

I'm sure some of you have heard about THE BOARD OF TRADE CO. If you haven't.. well you're missing out! When my friend David (Co-owner with Eunice Quan), asked if I could shoot for their upcoming preview, I of course couldn't say no! I was down at the store last Friday to check out some of the new pieces that came in, and I think I'm in love. Lots of creams, blacks, sheer and knit pieces. Perfect for layering, especially with this weather. Their menswear collection is amazing too. Guys, this is where you should shop!

I also love the fact that this store brings in one of a kind pieces, from independent designers globally. You won't have to worry about everyone else looking the same. Oh and I picked up a jewelry piece that's designed by Amaly! I shall post a picture of that soon. They definitely have the coolest jewelry. 

So if you're ever in the Chinatown area, make sure you stop by the store! It's located at 227 Union Street. Have lunch at Phnom Penh, and do some shopping after ;) Sounds like a great idea, yes? Oh and stay tuned for the preview pics. Lily killed it as always! XO

Let my heart speak louder than my head ♥

Just a quick post before the weekend officially starts! Couldn't ask for a better Friday. Fabric shopping, sneak preview from David at BOARD OF TRADE & CO. (Exciting collaboration soon!), Phnom Penh for lunch with Andrew & Kim, photowalk, good talks and Praise Night! Going to be a rather busy weekend for me with work et all, but I'm looking forward to it! What are your plans for this weekend? XO

The world in front of me ♥

Images via weheartit & Kevin

I was up late the other night.. just couldn't seem to fall asleep. (What's new, right? Haha.) I guess it's because there's been a lot on my mind lately. I thought about all the things I wanted to do, and wrote them down on paper. Most of them involve me being in other parts of the world.

Ever since my Asia trip, I've been on what you can call.. a travel high. I've been wanting to explore and see more parts of the world, experience more cultures, and document them. However, I think I've just about maxed out my travelling plans for the rest of this year. There's LA with the girls coming up in a few which I'm very excited for though! I came across this article awhile back, stating reasons as to why you should travel when you're young. And I couldn't agree more. So give it a read if you have the time. Maybe it'll inspire you to take that backpacking trip in Europe. Go hiking in the Himalayas. Cook up a storm with groceries you bought from a floating market in Thailand.. or volunteer at a village school in India.

Now with all that being said, I think being able to travel is a privilege, and a blessing. So if you get the opportunity to travel, I say do it. Go. Create your own adventures. Live life. Make memories and seize the moments, because they are going to be incredible. So what are some of the crazy things on your bucket list? Do share! I'd love to hear them :)

Be blessed ♥

Just a quick post! Been a rather slow but crazy week at the same time. Lots of major decisions to be made, and carried out. But in the midst of all of this, thought I'd share something I've made that serves as a good reminder for me :) Have an awesome week ahead y'all! XO

Light up the sky ♥

An outfit post? Surprise! Haha I know I usually don't do them, mainly because I have to scramble to find someone to take photos for me. I guess that's what you get for being photographer among your group of friends haha! Just kidding. Bugged my brother to snap a few shots earlier today for me. Sorry bro. Fortunately, the weather worked in my favour when I wanted to take photos. It was raining earlier when RoxiAaron and I went to Central Park for a walk. Nonetheless, it's always nice to catch up with highschool friends :)


I got this orange high-waisted skirt from Forever 21 the other day, and it was $7.50!! What a steal. Autumn always makes me want to dress in rich reds, browns, orange and gold tones. Inspired by the ever changing colours of the trees? I think so. Oh, and I got a few shots of Aaron as well! Maybe I should try and convince him to do outfit posts sometime. What do you guys think? 

On a side note, I will be going to L.A with my girlfriends in December! Any suggestions as to what there is to do there? Besides the happiest place on earth and shopping of course :) Would be much appreciated! Until next time, XO

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