For the first time ♥

So much has gone on these past few days. (Much would actually be an understatement.) I don't exactly know where to start. Work has commenced as usual, and the routine of things are slowly getting back its momentum. These next few months are going to unveil a series of changes. Good change, change I'd need some time to get used to.. and some rather unwanted ones. Time to take a leap of faith, with God by my side. Yes I'm being rather ambiguous with this post, but when the time comes.. the news will be shared, I promise :) To those who know, you already know why.

But with all that being said, I'm excited.. nervous, and relieved. All that was needed to be said, was said. Most importantly, I have support from the people I love most. Hmm also been thinking of starting up outfit posts again for the longest time. Maybe I shall get to that next. December is going to be a magical month. You'll soon find out why. Oh and I just thought I'd include some photos that reflect our current weather. Took those the other day when I was out shooting with Lily! Until next time, XO.

Jet set & shop ♥

If you knew me well, you'd know I wouldn't leave without a little shopping while I was in Asia! Unfortunately.. I didn't get to shop as much as I wanted because my luggage space limited just that. Oh well, next round? But here are some of my favourite buys from the trip! I got this oversized printed jacket from MODPARADE in Singapore. So glad they had it when I dropped by the store a second time, after I had extended my trip. Such a good piece to work into my basics. The purse and shoes are from Charles & Keith, but in different countries. The purse though, would have to be my absolute favourite. A rich aubergine colour, and gold detailing. Classic. My mom said she has the same purse some 20 years ago. Yep, we sure recycle our trends. I have to say.. Hong Kong had some of the best shopping though. For clutches and souvenirs. And bargaining? The most fun part about shopping there! I think I need to make a trip back there soon. Anyone care to join? ;)

So what has been your personal favourite purchase during a trip? Do share!

Unexpected like a shooting star ♥

So after Singapore, the gang made their way to Brunei. However, I decided at the last minute that I wanted to extend my stay in Singapore. Which worked out extremely well because I got the chance to catch up with some of my childhood friends and extended family. But the Singapore portion had to end sometime, right? So I too, was on my way to Brunei soon after. It sucked being sent off by my favourite people. Not that I didn't appreciate them taking the time to send me off.. but as soon as I said bye, the waterworks started. Go figure.

Onto Brunei! Ok I didn't know what to expect in Brunei.. but all I could think of was Aladdin, rich Sultans.. and oil. Well, I was two-thirds right! Royalty ran this country, with 24 carat gold mosques, and dirt cheap gas. It was unbelievable. $0.56/Litre? That was Vancouver more than 10 years ago! Oh and if you're a Brunei citizen... you get to apply for free land. How awesome is that? The Sultan sure takes care of his people. Even though I only spent two days there, I really enjoyed seeing Fiona's family as well as where she grew up. I had some of the best satays here. No jokes. We drove over to this place by a pier, but they sold out. So we found the guy who ran the stall's brother.. and drove there for some good ol' satay and ketupat. One of the best dinners ever from this trip, hands down. Oh and I caught a glimpse of Wu Chun's house! No big deal. Oh check out the photo below. A haircut, massage and shave for $7.00. Say whaaat?!

Anyways, that leg of the trip flew by quite quickly, and Pablo and I were off to Hong Kong before we knew it. Can't wait to share some of my awesome buys from this trip in my next post! Until then, xo.

My Island Home ♥

Before I bombard this page with instagr.ams, I shall talk a little about my hometown. I've heard endless comments from my relatives, friends and loved ones about Singapore. Some good, some bad. But at the end of the day, it's where I'm from. Can't deny that. And I love it. Singapore is awesome. The local food.. is just delish. Shopping was pretty good, if you know where to go. (Haji Lane & Far East Plaza.) My cousins were the best hosts ever. Butter Factory? Too much fun there. Coffee dates were the best. Especially at my favourite spots. I almost have nothing bad to say about it. (Call me biased, whatever.) It was a huge blessing and a blast catching up with everyone! My apologies to those I didn't get a chance to spend much time with. (More opportunities in the future I'm sure!) Even though Singapore is small.. there's way more to do at night than Vancouver. The nightlife there is top notch. If you don't believe me, I'll take you there personally and show you how we do ;)

1. My beautiful & precious God-daughter! 2. Coffee date with my cousin at Kki 3. View from One Altitude 4. Beach getaway, Bintan 5. Drinks & Live bands at Pump Room 6. Inked.

But what I loved most about my time there was family time. Family is extremely important to me. It was a ton of fun catching up with them. I mean, I even went Karaoke with my 80 year old grandma. And sang Firework by Katy Perry. Yup, we sure know how to party. I also made quite a few new friends this trip. That was pretty dope. I couldn't have asked for a better time there. Now I'll let the rest of the photos do the talking..

7. Poolside at Marina Bay Sands 8. Girls at Universal Studios Singapore 9. Chili Crab! 10. The GFs partying it up at Butter Factory. 11. Cousins reunited 12. Dolled up for the dance floor

13. Zouk/Phuture, pre-drinks 14. Complimentary Champagne at MBS 15. Pool time at Savannah 16. Nasi Goreng from Simpang Bedok 17. Mani/Pedi time! 18. View from the pool 19. Our beer samplers from Pump Room 20. Rock it out 21. Beach drinks with two of my favourites

22. Love Conquers All. 23. Part Deux at Pump 24. Sisterly love 25. Hey Mr. DJ 26. Got my hair did 27. One Fullerton

The beauty of Taiwan ♥

Oh hello! Finally an update, I know I know. It's been quite sometime since I've logged into Blogger.. but that's only because I've been really enjoying my trip. So much I didn't want to come home. This trip was quite the roller coaster. There were its ups and downs. But overall, it has been enlightening, extremely fun, and I'd do it all over again it a heartbeat. This trip has also given me some important answers I've been seeking for years. More on that later. I'll also be updating in parts. Too many photos and stories to share. Singapore will have it's own post of course ;)

I loved Taiwan. Unfortunately Paul and I fell ill on the last day. No to street food! Well.. just be extra careful with what you eat. Cus I had one of the worst food poisoning ever. Thanks to Pablo and Fiona for taking care of us though! Scootering through Kenting was the most epic thing. You'd have to be there to believe it. Passing through acres of land surrounded by beautiful, breathtaking scenery? Priceless. I felt so blessed during that ride. And free. At one point on our ride home, rays of sunlight pierced through the clouds. It was like a painting. Kenting is definitely one of my favourite spots. If you're ever in Taiwan, make sure you stop by! (This was also where Cape No.7 was filmed!) We stayed at the Casear Park Hotel. I have nothing but excellent things to say about it. Great service, friendly staff, and awesome buffets!

Overall, I had a blast in Taiwan. Would I go there again? Hells ya. There's so much to explore and do! Unfortunately this time around we didn't manage to stop by Taipei, but it'll be one of my stops on my next Asia trip. Asia is beautiful. There's so many places I'd add on to the wonders of the world from here, but you'd have to see it for yourself to agree. Our next stop? Singapore! My island home.

P.S Click here for the rest of the photos! The first album is in the previous blog post. Didn't want to post them all on my blog. Enjoy! 

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