Vlog #5: Shopaholics Unite

Vloggin' time! This was quite the week. And I think I giggle too much.

The colours of Monday ♥

Guess who I met up with today? It was none other than the lovely Jen of herwaisechoice! It was so good to finally meet her, and talk over lunch at Burgoo (Awesome service by the friendly staff, and good food!). Of course we did some shopping as well. Window shop of course! The Summer sales so did not help.. but we managed to pass on them. *Pats own back*

I'm sure many of you know that I hardly ever do outfit posts. Mainly because I hate using the tripod, and I don't have the time for it as well. But thanks to Jen I have something new to post in a very long while! Oh and those wedges I'm wearing.. my absolute fav right now. Comfort and style at it's best.

And here's Jen with her outfit!

Oh and here's how my week went! I'm sure you'll get quite a good laugh out of this, as did I. My friends are quite the awesome bunch :)

In the light of the aftermath ♥

I'm sure as most have already heard, our city became quite the nightmare on June 15th, 2011. After the Vancouver Canucks lost to Boston (Sadface*, but so proud of our boys regardless. They played a great season.), havoc was wrecked on this city.. and what we knew as our Vancouver, became a war zone. I shall not elaborate on the details, as I'm sure the news has shown it all.

I couldn't believe it. My city. The city I spent half my life in, was being destroyed right before my very eyes. I thought I was watching a scene from a movie. But instead, it was the news. However, with that being said.. I hope world realizes that a small group of hooligans acting like idiots, does not represent the rest of Vancouver. When there's the bad, there's also always the good.

The following day, awesome citizens and real fans spent their day cleaning this city up, and restoring it to what it was. Their time, dedication and goodness did not go unnoticed. I have to admit.. that at first I was ashamed and embarrassed, but am now so proud of the amazing citizens that make up this beautiful city. Their good spirit throughout the clean-up can be a testament to that. People from all walks of life came to lend a hand. I have so much respect and appreciation for the VPD, as well as everyone else who was ever so willing to help, and protect our city.

This is what Vancouver is really made of folks. This is our city, our Vancouver, and we love it. 

Inspired to Act ♥

Remember this post? Well this dream did come to life thanks to the overwhelming support of my family, friends, and my church. Also couldn't have pulled this together without my two partners-in-crime, Amy and Kevin. You guys are awesome. It's crazy to think that I wrote that post approximately two months ago, and here were are, two months later.. presenting this concert to you guys. 

(Poster & Ticket designed by the lovely + talented Cheryl Loh)

Please keep August 20th open! I'll be there, along with other awesome people. And I'd love to see y'all there! It'll be a night of fun, great entertainment, and one that will leave you inspired. You wouldn't want to miss it. Our MC is quite the comedian, and our performers? All-stars. Have I also mentioned that Kym from Herrohachi will be collaborating with us for a designed tee for the concert as well? I can't wait. We'll be shortly releasing promo videos as the weeks go by, so keep an eye out for them! August 20th. 7pm.  Windermere Secondary. (Yee yeah! Warriors represent.) SAVE THE DATE.

Ticket Info:
1. Contact our ticket representatives (Or me)

Vancouver: Aaron Lo -
Burnaby: Pablo Chang -
Coquitlam/SFU Surrey: Shauna Lim -
Richmond: Fiona Chian -

2. Order online @

Tickets are at $10 each.

For inquiries regarding our group rates or any further questions, please feel free to contact (Or you guys can definitely email me at

Wandering & Wondering ♥

They say life's an adventure after you graduate, so where will our paths eventually lead us? My adventure has been slowly unraveling ever since I've been done with school. From taking a year off to adjust to these changes, meeting new people, travelling, and ultimately learning more about myself. It has been quite the time of growth, embracing what life has to offer, as well as a constant learning experience.

We each have a different path. A different plan for our lives. When I catch up with old friends, it always surprises me to see how fast these changes occur in everyones' lives. Some of my friends stayed the same, while others move on to bigger, and better things. Some are stuck in a rut. Some have no idea what to do with their lives. Some are still trying to find themselves.

Sometimes I wish I could fast forward and see how things are going to unravel in my life. But then I realized where would the fun and excitement be in that? I also think that a lot of us tend to get tired of the lives we're living at some point, and yearn for that change. Any change. Always looking for something more. As long as something is different from our normalcy. We wander, wondering what we'll eventually find. Hoping and wishing that we'll receive that coveted moment of clarity.

To be honest, I was hoping that my trip would give me some answers I've been seeking. Maybe I'll find them, but it's also quite possible that I will not. Maybe it'll be the deciding factor of whether I eventually choose to move. Who knows?

But I'll say this. With everything that I've done, I've never forgotten to take a moment, and enjoy the view. Appreciate the world in front of me. Absorb it's beauty, the culture, and the view. Be it the beautiful sunrise accompanied by the lovely fresh morning air, or the Canucks creating a sea of cheering supportive fans in Vancouver. (I'm hoping we take it home with Game 5!! Go Canucks go!) Live life. Believe in something greater. Start an adventure you can call your own. Because when you do, all that wandering and seeking to find something better, will eventually fade.

Printed Voyage ♥

I've been looking for some summer wardrobe inspiration lately, mainly for my trip.. and I came across this amazing editorial from May 2011 Vogue Russia. This screams prints and colours, which I fell in love with. My favourite definitely has to be this Missoni number. Wouldn't you agree? Now to incorporate some of this into my wardrobe without looking crazy to my friends haha. More photos here!


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