Not a lady who lunches ♥

Ever heard of that term,"Ladies who lunch"? Well.. I think after this high tea session, I'm good for not going for high teas for quite some time. Not my cup of tea unfortunately! My aunt is in town for a couple of weeks, and I thought it'd be nice to take her out for something a little more on the fancier side, where we could chat, and catch up. Saw this on dealfind, and thought I should give it a try.

We had sweet pastries, tea, and savory sandwiches. Here's the menu if you want to know what's on it. The Angel Falls Mist tea was a nice compliment to the pastries and sandwiches that were served. Overall, it was pretty good. A little too sweet for my liking.. but we were stuffed. Outstanding service, as always - as it is the Fairmont Hotel. So for those of you who bought the deal and was wondering what it's like.. here are some pictures. It wasn't really impressive, or exceptionally delicious, but it is essentially what you paid for. Will I be back soon? Probably not. It's too fancy for my taste (I rather kick it and dine at Lucy's Eastside Diner, or The One hahaha), and it's also one of those things I'd enjoy having once in a very long while.

The other city I call Home ♥

For those of you who don't know, I spent the later half of my life growing up in Vancouver. But of course, Singapore will always be known as home to me. I've met some of the best people in my life, and also had some of the most memorable experiences over here. Also, over the years.. I've grown to really appreciate and love what I've been blessed with here in Vancouver. Especially how beautiful Vancouver is. We're surrounded by nature, close to city life, and are able to experience four seasons yearly! (Okay, maybe excluding the dreadful rainy weather sometimes.) Nonetheless, I love how beautiful Vancouver is.

The other day, I went up to UBC to have lunch and catch up with some friends. Also met up with Kym for coffee (You guys need to check out her site. I'm sure you'd find something you like!) and of course I also met up with Vanessa! (Going to miss her + our shoots when she's in Asia..) We decided to do a shoot up at UBC, and Vanessa showed me some pretty sweet spots for shoots. The view of the ocean is breathtaking. It's views like that that make me love Vancouver even more. Let's just say after that, I'll be visiting pretty often. Anyways, here are some shots from the shoot!

Lost & Found ♥

(Photo via weheartit)

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." 
- Matthew 11:28-30

I came across this verse earlier today. And it reminded me of all the times I've felt burnt out and thought that going away and escaping was the answer. Often, when we reach rock bottom, or when we're experiencing a difficult time in our lives, we tend to think that running away solves it all. I know I did. It was so easy. Who wouldn't like to take the easiest way out? But the truth is, it isn't. It's just a temporary break from reality. Once we're done taking a break from it all, we would eventually have to come back and face what we have left in the first place.

In this passage, God asks us to walk with Him. Come to Him and work with Him to recover our lives. What do you think it'll be like to walk and work with Him? It doesn't mean that by walking with Him you will not face any storms in your life. You will. But believe that He'll always guide and lead you to where you need to be. He has your best interests at heart, so what He has planned for you will eventually prevail. God won't put you through anything that you can't handle. Because if He's going to put you through it, He'll definitely see you through. Like Proverbs 3:6 says, In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. So have faith in Him. Talk to Him. Walk with Him. Because when you do, He will deliver :)

Go bananas for Fashion ♥

So.. I finally had a day off. 10 days straight, and one day off in between. Sort of brutal. Feels good to be able to take a break from everything and just sleep in and enjoy the day! My grandma is actually over in Vancouver for a few weeks for a short vacation, so I've been trying to learn a few of our family's recipes. Today Gabrielle and I started off by learning Jemput Jemput (Banana Fritters). So easy to make. And SO good. I kid you not. If you're nice I'll make some for you ;)

We decided to do a mini outfit shoot and see what outfits I could come up with, with what she had brought, as well as items from my personal closet. So these are the 3 looks. Comfort in style! Oh, and my brother decided to crash - because he's vain like that.

Look #1: I wanted to go for something a little more on the girly side, but stay comfortable and edgy as well. Girly grunge? You be the judge. I love the contrast of feminine and masculine pieces. Adds a little interest to it don't you think?

Look #2: Cargo Jeggings and a classic black blazer? Win. A pop of colour and a circle scarf seals the outfit. Not forgetting those awesome Sperry boater shoes (It'll definitely be a staple shoe for my trip in Sept! Super comfy!!)

Look #3: Military is one of my favourite styles. (Combat boots.. Jackets, you name it.) Harem pants + belted and my Mango sling purse? Love. (My brother decided to jump in on these shots.)

One of the best days I've had in awhile. Food & Fashion in one day? Who would complain :) I hope the rest of you guys' week started off well! xox

Knit away a little secret ♥

This is my favourite accessory this season. Knitted infinity/circle scarves. Hand-made ones to be exact. There's just something about it. Maybe it's the warmth it gives, or the chunky knit detailing. I love it all. And now I want them in other colours! Oh the shopaholic in me.. The knit scarf above is from Brayn Child. Definitely check it out. The guy behind it is quite genius. Thanks again Calvin for introducing me to the brand! I absolutely love it. The picture below is me sporting another circle scarf. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. UBC has some of the nicest circle scarfs out there. And.. they only range from about $15-25! (Reasonably priced if you ask me. H&M has them for about $30, and the quality isn't exactly that great.) Unfortunately they're not always there as it depends on when the booths are open at the SUB (Student Union Building). But hey, if you're there and want one, hit UBC up. Who would've thought I'd be doing some shopping up at UBC?

So what's your favourite accesory this season? Or for the upcoming seasons ahead?

His Say: I hate shopping - with women

(via weheartit)

Read this article in ELLE Singapore earlier, and thought I'd share with the guys. Funny read. And rather true to say the least. Maybe I'll post Her Say tomorrow. Written by Kenneth Tan 

I love to shop. I have no qualms about heading to a mall and spending a few hours trying on stuff before making a few purchases. New clothes to wear, sparkling new gadgets to play with; what's there not to like about shopping? So when you hear men say they hate shopping, what we're really saying is: We hate shopping with women. The difference between the way men and women shop is the very same difference between murder and manslaughter - it's all about intent. When we shop we do so with a view to purchasing something. It's not true that we don't window-shop; but we browse a specific range of items. Women, however, will look at everything... And most of the time, end up buying nothing.

Fact is, 80 per cent of consumers are women. But what they buy can seem so random. I once accompanied a friend to buy a "cocktail dress for a wedding", only for her to head home three hours later - with beachwear. It's akin to Columbus setting out to discover Asia but finding America instead.

Men follow a process of elimination when shopping. If I discount something from my search - say, black-coloured items - I will not browse racks with such items. A women on the other hand, may have declared "no black" but will thumb through racks of said items and try them.

Woman: "I love this dress! But my New Year's resolution is not to buy any more black stuff."
Man: "Then don't buy it."
Woman: "But its so nice. And they only have this in black."
Man: "Buy it then."
Woman: "But you know I have so many black clothes already..."

This will carry on for at least five minutes, or until we excuse ourselves to huddle with the other men at the seats by the shoe section. Our presence wouldn't have mattered. Women don't actually need men to persuade them one way or another; whatever we say doesn't matter. Their decision-making process is an internal monologue in which they resolve a dilemma that shouldn't have arisen in the first place. Eventually, they'll buy the item. Or not - in which case, they'll repeat the process in another store. This also explains the dozens of shoes and clothes they buy, and never wear.

It's frustrating to men because it just isn't logical. Shopping should be a linear process. We filter and focus, and if any research needs to be done, it's not done at the store wasting time with clueless staff - but in the comfort of our homes on the Internet. Preferably with a beer in hand. When we have something that matches what we want, then it's a matter of trying it out, if possible. If we shop by ourselves or with other men, we're in and out with the purchase in 10 minutes flat.

To their credit, none of the women I've dated have ever insisted that I pick up their shopping tab. Either they're ELLE readers or I'm incredibly dense. And if it's true that time is money, I should own a bungalow at Sentosa Cove by now. Yet, men can't live without women - and that's why, despite all the whining, the pleading and then the crying, we still go shopping with you. After all, women are beautiful, sensitive, lovable, generous souls.

Stay strong, Japan ♥

I had to blog about this. Frankly, I'm upset. It upsets me as to how truly ignorant people in this world are. Pearl Harbour retribution remarks? Seriously people, at a time like this? I know these people are not worthy of any attention.. But are they that blinded by the past to realize the extent of hurt and negativity these crude and cruel comments bring? It's not karma, you idiots. And despite what has happened in the past.. it's all in the past. It's about time we moved on. No one deserves such remarks for what their ancestors did. What Japan really needs now is our prayer, love and support. The world could use a lot less hate, and more love. I'm so ashamed for these people. How does one have the heart to say such heartless things? I'm still appalled at times as to how self-centered and brainless people are. It doesn't matter which part of the world we live in. We're all living human beings. We all have our stories, our struggles and our lives to live. What matters is that when one is in need, we lend a helping hand in any way we can. I'm sure Japan would do the same if this had happened to any other country in the world. And they have too, in the past. Most of us are too quick to dismiss, as it doesn't concern or affect us directly. I really hope and pray that these people will open up their hearts and let go of all the hatred and negativity, and show compassion in the light of the aftermath.

On another note, it's been heartwarming to see the overwhelming response globally in aid of Japan. The most we can do right now is to pray, and donate. If you would still like to donate, the Canadian Red Cross has set up a fund for disaster relief efforts in Japan. Click here or text ASIA to 30333. I'm doing my part. So if you can too, do yours. Every bit counts.

Hold on to hope, and take courage again ♥

I really need to sleep, but I've been watching the news for the past few hours. I can't peel my eyes away from it. I'm sure most of you have heard about the devastating earthquake/tsunami that has happened in Japan. Like a domino effect, it's moving quickly into other parts of the world. Watching the news.. one thought comes to mind. Prayer. (Other than financial aid) All I can do is pray. I know it might not seem much to others, but I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer can overcome. My heart really goes out to everyone who is affected by this unfortunate tragedy. It truly breaks my heart to see how lives are changed in a mere instant, how a beautiful city is being wiped out by waves in seconds. It's so unreal. Most of us see it on our TV screens, hear it on the radio.. but can you imagine the impact and experiencing it first hand? I can only imagine the fear and tragedy these people are going through.

With that being said.. unfortunately, it's only times like these when some people realize how precious life is. Don't let a tragedy determine how you'd live your life. Start now. Tell the people you love most, how much you love them. Do the things you've always dreamt of. Never regret. Take heart. You've only got this time on earth. Life is far too short.

Please continue to send your love, prayers and thoughts to Japan and the rest of the world. There is power in prayer. There is also power in numbers. Stay strong, Japan. The rest of the world is with you.

The places we should remember ♥

If you've heard of Wong Fu Productions, you'd know that their work never ceases to amaze. I'd have to say this is one of my favourite shorts from Phil. (Absolutely loved the soundtrack by Jesse Chui as well. It's crazy how music is able to speak for what is being captured, and enhances the very emotions in this short.) The story line is beautifully written as always, but it's how he captured the very essence of Taiwan that I loved. It truly evoked what the culture, the people, and the place is about. (Makes me even more excited for my trip to Taiwan in September!) Of course, the message behind this story is always one to take with you.

With that being said, it has inspired me to do something during my trip. I know I have talked about vlogs, and quick snapshots of the places.. but it'd be nice to bring back something from the trip that I can keep for years to come. A video that tells a story. One that captures the very moments I've experienced. Little snippets of the places I can share with you, so that you can appreciate it too. (Of course it wouldn't be as amazing as Phil's haha, but I'll try my best!)

If you ask me, I'm ready ♥

Talula Babaton Cardigan, Wilfred Bustier tank, Zara trousers w/ belt, Shoes from Bugis Street & Aldo pearl necklace

I believe it's time for an update. An outfit post! (Finally, eh?) I know I really shouldn't be shopping.. because I need to save up for my Asia trip in September, but I desperately need work clothes! I'm so used to dressing up all the time in dresses and skirts, that I failed to get the staple work trousers. I'm all about comfort + style, and I believe this just emphasizes that. Can't do an outfit without a pop of colour! My ring is actually not seen in this picture, but it's the same colour as my heels. My awesome $10 buy from Bugis Street in Singapore! (Who can resist?) I'm so glad I'm able to keep it fairly casual at work and show up in leggings and a tunic from time to time on my lazy days. Can't complain, I love my job. 

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