Lyrics of the heart ♥

Someone once told me, "Music is a tonic to the soul. Feed it. " That stuck with me for the longest time. I've always loved music. The sound of instruments and voices that go together is a beautiful thing. It brings out feelings, emotions and memories all at once. It has the ability to speak volumes. Tell a story. Share a common ground and bring people together.

I have been listening to the Aftermath album by Hillsong United these past few days.. and I have to say, it's amazing. It calmed me when I was frustrated. Helped me focus on prayer, and served as a gentle reminder of what really matters. A powerful, and lyrically beautiful album. I definitely suggest checking it out.

What are some of your all-time favourite songs or albums?

Like an avalanche ♥

Just a quick cover of Like an avalanche off Hillsong's new album, Aftermath. So stoked for their concert this coming Wednesday! Hope you guys enjoy it :) Don't hate! This was our first take lol.

I'm coming home ♥

I was going through old pictures tonight from when I was back home in Singapore. (Didn't help that I was listening to Home by Kit Chan. This song totally tugs on your heartstrings! Ya, call me patriotic..whatever lol) It definitely brought back a ton of memories. It's just an entirely different feeling when I'm there. I miss taking the taxi and having enlightening conversations with the taxi driver. I miss how I can go to the hawker centers for cheap eats with good friends at any time of the day. I miss seeing my neighbours that are like family to me. I miss the daily family dinners we have. I'm talking about having my aunts, uncles, cousins over for dinner almost every night. I miss how all my relatives live fairly close to me, and we'll make time to spend weekends together. It's a crazy time, but we're always having fun and enjoying ourselves. (Maybe the Singaporeans overseas can relate. Well.. some.) The list goes on.. I just have way too many childhood memories there to name that I hold close to my heart.

My parents however, don't feel the same way. I think I'm the only one in my family that misses it enough to move back. To them, Singapore isn't the same Singapore they once knew. Granted.. it has changed A LOT since I've moved. But to me, it doesn't change the fact that it's where I grew up, and where dearest memories to me were made. Till this day, 10 years later.. I'm still Singaporean. And to be completely honest, I don't think I'll ever give up my citizenship. Don't get me wrong, I love Canada. It's been a blessing living here all these years. But I have this strong need to go back. I can't quite describe it.. but I just know I have to. Maybe not right now, but when the time is right.. I'll be home.

P.S I'm SO stoked that I'm coming home in September!! (With Fiona, Paul & Pablo!) Expect Vlogs, pictures and tons of updates :)

Your love never changes ♥

Sometimes we all fall short. My brother and I argue and bicker a lot of the time, and it almost always comes down to.. what's fair. Who wins this argument, or who benefits from it. I guess I can still be somewhat stubborn that way. We often think we want things to be fair; when in reality we want them to be fair only when it benefits us.

I was doing my daily readings today, and I came across this verse:

"You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also; and if anyone wants to sue you and take your coat, give your cloak as well; and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile. Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you." - Matthew 5:38-42

Go the extra mile to be nice. Bend over backwards. Show grace. That's what He has taught us. My parents have too, always told us to be nice to each other. And let me tell you, it is most definitely not easy at times. We have our disagreements, differences and misunderstandings. Of course at the end of the day, we're family and we love each other no matter what. But what He is telling us is to show the love that He has for us. We love because He first loved us. It is not the easiest thing to do, as we often want to give other people what they deserve. But ultimately when we do - we're a reflection of God's love and grace.

A Main Affair ♥

I had a day off today, and Kim slept over last night so we decided to get everyone together for some lunch! For as long as I can remember, Aaron and myself have been wanting to try this particular diner.. but we always almost end up at The One. Met up with Jerry, Alex, Liselle, Pearlyn and Mel, and off to Lucy's Eastside Diner we went. 

It's such a quaint little local gem. The deco was very much like a 50's diner, but modernized a little. Food was fairly reasonable, and service was good. I ended up ordering their Classic Burger & Fries combo, which filled me up pretty quickly. Not to mention, it included one of the best milkshakes I've tried in a while! Definitely pick the Oreo flavoured milkshake. It's the best, hands down. Oh and have I mentioned.. it's open 24 hours?! How awesome is that? Perfect for all the late night hangouts! We ordered a variety of items off the menu, and everyone left very satisfied!

After lunch, we decided to venture off on Main Street, and our first stop? None other than Front & Co. My favourite! It's such a great place to find unique gifts, clothes and jewelry as well.

Something I found today. If you haven't noticed.. I have this thing for rings. What I love about this ring is how it is SO me. I'm sure everyone who knows me well enough would agree haha. Other than this ring, I also bought key covers that I've shared with Aaron. Look at what else he got!

This coffee tumbler has to be one of the most awesome ones I've seen ever. Oh besides the Nikon lens one I saw as well. Okay going to end this post off with this. Vancouver, can't you be more like this more often? Enjoy!

Oh hello there, it's been awhile ♥

Wow I sure haven't blogged in what seems like awhile. (Trying to update more regularly!) Not that I haven't been in the blogging scene following my lovely blogger friends and reading their posts, but I guess you could say I'm in what you could call.. a blogger's rut. I haven't had the inspiration or motivation really, to put a post up. Maybe I should complete the blog challenges. So here goes. Day 10. A confession. I am sometimes a little jealous of not being as close as other girls are with a group of girls. (It really doesn't bug me most of the time.) Not that I don't have a group of girlfriends. I do have girlfriends I'm really close to, however.. we don't exactly make time, or put in that extra effort to spend time together. Bottom line is - we lack girl time. And if we did hang out, it'd be once in a while; on the basis of shopping, boy talk, etc. It's completely understandable that we all have busy schedules, school and work to worry/stress about, and it conflicts with our time that we have available. Something I believe the girls as a group as trying to work on. Don't get me wrong. I have mad love for my girls. Always.

But as I get older, I definitely see my core group of friends growing smaller. And for the most part - they're guys. Not saying it's a bad thing. I just happen to get along with guys better. Drama free, less complicated, chill - for the most part. We make time for each other. I think that's the big difference. Some people think friendships come easy. It's never a one way street. Time is precious, and I believe that it is best spent on people I love and care about the most. Quality over quantity people :)

On a similar note, I still remember blogging about this topic eons ago. Whether I associate myself with too many guy friends. That was 4 years ago. On Xanga. Still the same scenario 4 years later. Haha I guess some things never change.

Some short updates on January happenings:

1. My birthday! Much love to everyone who came out, and for celebrating such a special day with Shauna and I. Great drinks, great company, and a fantabulous cake made by the very lovely Fiona. Shoutout to Terracotta for hosting such an awesome party!

2. Catching up with friends who went abroad. Kim is finally back from the land down under. So glad she's home. I've missed my future roomie. Our convos are always a gong show.

3. Vancouver 2010 Olympic festivities. It was time to relive it. And it was awesome. The weather was a bit of a downer, but it was fun nonetheless. Good eats, epic memories, (not to mention a rather embarrassing one on my part..) and like always - the best company I could ask for.

That was my January in a nutshell. How was yours?

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