Gratitude Challenge Day 13 ♥

Day #13. WOoot!

1. Beautiful colours of fall. I love the change in colour in the leaves.
2. RazorTV Singapore! So I'm constantly updated with home lol
3. Devo books.
4. USB stick attached to my keys. Comes in handy sometimes.
5. Meeting new believers, and seeing their passion for God.
6. Privacy
7. The nice and super friendly restaurant staff at this sushi joint I go to almost every Weds, Thurs and Fri.
8. Old photographs. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
9. Friends who keep me accountable. And tell me to stay away from boys hahaha.
10. Events like 1040 with Jaeson Ma & OMF, that create awareness and hopefully, a difference.

Gratitude Challenge Day 12 ♥

Day 12.
That was fast. Technically I should be way ahead.. but I'm back on track. I finally watched The Last Song tonight. Yes, that Miley Cyrus film. I have the book, and I loved it. Who doesn't love Nicholas Sparks? I think most of his films make me bawl my eyes out lol. Like A Walk to Remember.. Still does everytime I watch it.

This movie.. was a good reminder of what's important. Love. And family. Also, that mistakes are meant to be made, and forgiven. And that second chances and the moments in life are precious.

So with that being said, here's my 10 things that I'm thankful for.

1. Memories. Whether it be good or bad, they're apart of my past that I can't erase, but rather I should embrace.
2. Time spent with a loved one that I have lost. They're precious, and I would never trade that for the world.
3. The piano, and the beautiful melodies that come from it.
4. Paintings left behind by my grandfather. If I could get a picture, I'll def post it up here. It's beautiful.
5. Tough love. I think everyone needs some of that.
6. Washing machines! Lol I do not want to hand wash my clothes..
7. My wool coat! I spent quite a sum on it.. but it is dang well worth it.
8. Instant noodles! MMmm.
9. God's grace and compassion.
10. Powerful testimonies, and its ability to change lives.

Gratitude Challenge Day 11 ♥

All the single ladies! Haha jk

I know I've missed quite a few days, but I've been super busy. (With a friend's wedding, school etc.) And sick. So I'm going to just continue from day 11!

Day #11 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Dance parties at Club Fio!! Hahaha
2. Artists like Far East Movement who know how to keep it real with their dope music.
3. Boots. They keep me warm during the rainy season.
4. Food/Restaurant reviews by friends. I'm more inclined to go if they have a good rating.
5. Tea. Needed that on a day like this.
6. Debit cards. I hate carrying cash around after losing my wallet that one time.
7. Entertaining conversations with Aaron. Way too many laughs :)
8. Photoshop. Where I can do awesome pictures like this.

9. House keys! So I'm able to leave and come home whenever I want without waking anyone.
10. TV Shows. They keep me entertained.

Gratitude Challenge Day 9 & 10 ♥

20 things to be thankful for! Here goes:

1. That I'm falling ill, but not too ill so I'm able to still get things done.
2. For friends who are down if I ever need help, and make sure I'm okay. Even at 4 in the morning :) (Yes you Adrian!)
3. Weddings. Weddings make me happy.
4. Empowering women like Oprah. Wished her talk show didn't have to end!
5. My hair straightener! Lol. Without it I don't think my hair would look half as good.
6. For God's presence when I feel alone. I wouldn't have been able to be around most situations if weren't for that.
7. The possibility of a future. Kevin and Aaron have talked about this before, but I felt that it's something each and every one of us should be thankful for.
8. My laptop! It helps make things so much more efficient.
9. The overwhelming response of people who are so down to help for the Benefit Concert I want to do :)
10. People with good manners and etiquette, who make taking transit or being in public enjoyable.
11. Ex-boyfriends. For the love, the good times, and for helping me grow and learn from our past relationships.
12. Days when I don't have to dress up, or use makeup. Scrub it out!
13. Makeup. It enhances my features! Lol.
14. MSN. I have awesome conversations on here haha.
15. Honesty.
16. Opportunities that allow me to give back to society, or help out any way I can to those in need.
17. For struggles, pain, and hardships. It has definitely allowed me to grow as a person, into someone stronger, and has made me to who I am today.
18. Different cultures, traditions and races. Growing up in a multi-racial family, I definitely have appreciation for this.
19. Praise & Worship.
20. Online shopping! Too awesome haha.

Dream Day + Gratitude Challenge Day 8 ♥

So I decided to start another challenge.. (I know I'm not even done the 30 day one lol.) with Adrian! Basically we would have a topic in common, suggested by either one of us, and see how we'd compare in terms of what we'd write. Today's is Dream Day. If you could spend the day anywhere in the world, what you'd do, and who you'd take.

If you know me well, you'd know that I absolutely love the beach. One of my favourite beaches would have to be in Australia. This is what I woke up to, everyday when I was back there. Honestly, I'd be more than content just spending the day by the beach, walking, chilling out, with someone I enjoy spending time with. I'm pretty simplistic when it comes to stuff like that. Ooh.. Jet Skis are fun as well. Basically, I love anything to do with the beach, and water sports! Ok moving on to what I'm thankful for...

Day 8 of what I'm thankful for:

1. Having lunch outdoors. On the Art Gallery steps to be specific :)
2. Having a pair of comfy shoes. I don't want to walk through Vancouver barefoot.
3. Advil. Those days when I don't feel well.. It helps out so much.
4. Korean Music! Haha I don't exactly understand it all.. But I love it nonetheless. Woo Taeyang!
5. My friends being able to make time to hang out during the day.
6. White-Out. I make way too many mistakes on paper sometimes.
7. Perfume. People tell me I smell nice hahaha.
8. Walks on the beach. One of my favourite things to do. Ever.
9. The bible! There's so much more for me to learn, and read about His word.
10. Nail polish. My nails feel kind of bare without them.

Gratitude Challenge Day 6 & 7 ♥

Day #6 & 7 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Kevin's ideas that eventually leads into something epic :)
2. Food places that open late. So I can go for a food run.
3. Friendships. New friendships especially.
4. My pastor, who always encourages me to strive for the best, and seeing eye to eye on things!
5. My drawing ability. It helps me convey messages on point, and directly.
6. A heater in my room! It's getting way too cold.
7. My dad always helping out whenever he can. And nagging me.
8. People who have such big hearts for a good cause.
9. Genia's notes!! Her notes make my studying a whole lot easier.
10. Mirrors LOL. I don't know what I'd do without them.
11. For family that live close by. I love that my cousins/aunt/uncle live like a 3 minute drive away!
12. Friends who are ever so willing to jump on board ideas I have, and help out any way they can.
13. Leftovers.
14. Christian movies. Always a great message behind it.
15. Late night drives. I love being able to enjoy the city without any traffic. And oh, the beautiful city lights.
16. Second languages. Being multi-lingual pays off! 4 languages. Booyah.
17. Books that I receive from my parents. Always a great read. And inspiring.
18. My nephews who call me to talk :) They're so cute!! They're twins too.
19. Email. It's like a virtual letter!
20. Long distance phone calls. So I'm able to call back home whenever I want :)

Gratitude Challenge Day 5 ♥

Day #5 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Shopping trips with awesome friends! (Fiona, Paul, Pablo)
2. Free concerts in downtown. Pretty cool atmosphere.
3. Singaporean movies. They always make me feel at home.
4. Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt. SO good. Right, Paul?
5. Sunny, cold days during fall. A little chilly, but it's still nice.
6. Hockey! I haven't been watching it lately, but I'll def make time soon. Go Canucks go!!
7. Alarms. I wouldn't be able to wake up if weren't for it.
8. Transit. I'm always comparing it to Singapore's.. but our transit is pretty good. Gets me to downtown fast!
9. Fashion. I might not like what the industry can sometimes be like, but nonetheless, I love and have appreciation for the culture of fashion.
10. Fiona's car seats that heat up LOL. It's my first time experiencing it.. and it is awesome. Keeps me warm!

29 & Gratitude Challenge Day 4 ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 29: Something you could never get tired of doing

Photography! Ever since I picked up my first DSLR about a year ago, I've hardly ever put it down. The memories captured and photoshoots over the past year have been some of the best times of my life.

Day #4 of what I'm thankful for:

1. Bubbletea. It just tastes so good haha.
2. Kristine opening her place up for movie nights.
3. My friends that drive me home! Lol I shall return the favour sometime soon.
4. Jerry's place, and him allowing us to stay till the wee hours of the morning. Oh and his parents' awesome hospitality :)
5. My Ugg Boots. They keep my feet warm during fall/winter season!
6. My ability to sing. (And use that to worship Him as well) I'm glad I'm able to have jam sessions with friends and not sound awful hahaha.
7. My dog! He keeps me company at night when I watch TV, or movies alone.
8. My brother, and how he is able to openly share his faith, and his daily life with me. Oh and shopping buys too haha. I guess siblings take after each other.
9. Facebook. Lol. I have a valid reason!! Through Facebook, I've reconnected with a ton of family members I haven't seen, or talked to in years. It's pretty cool that I managed to get my cousin to fly over from Sydney to visit me, after not seeing him in over 10 years.
10. Random nights with amazing friends. Good times with good company.

Edit (5:32 A.M): Why is it that when I'm up at this hour, I keep thinking the same things over.. and all it makes me want to do, is run.. and escape. I don't really think anyone can comprehend what I feel. Maybe Kim does.

28 & Gratitude Challenge Day 3 ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 28: Your favourite movie

Okay, technically this is a musical, but I love it nonetheless. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta made an awesome team in this production.

Day #3 of what I'm thankful for:
Good music. Best way to start and end my day.
2. My grandparents & maids, for taking care of me all these years, when my parents worked 24/7.
3. Faith & Hope. Without that, this world wouldn't be what it is.
4. Wireless internet!! Everything is so much more convenient with it around.
5. My warm blanket. I'd seriously be shivering all night if I didn't have it. My room happens to be the coldest one in the house.
6. Friends who text me or call me to ask what's up, and how my day was. I love receiving messages throughout the day. It gets me through it.
7. Coffee. Lol even though I don't exactly run on it.. For the days that I really need to, it works wonders.
8. Prayer. Nuff' said.
9. Rainy days. Oddly enough, I love thunderstorms. Something about it brings me back to some pretty good memories. When I was in Singapore, I'd love being in my room, writing or reading, with the sound of pouring rain out the window. It's kind of serene, and calms me.
10. Days off. I haven't been feeling too well lately, and having time off from everything and being in bed all day, really really helps.

27 & Gratitude Challenge Day 2 ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 27: A picture of you last year and now, and how you have changed since then

Hmm I honestly don't think I've changed that much, except the fact that my hair grew longer? Haha. Nah I kid. There's definitely quite a bit that has changed. My view on things, and how I handle certain situations.. as well as my growth in faith :) I've grown to have a lot more patience with people, and love as well. They say you get wiser every year, right? Now on to..

Day #2 of what I'm thankful for:
1. My mum coming home from work, and cooking us dinner every single night.
2. Conversations I have with my aunt, and how she's always looking out for me.
3. Water!! Lol I didn't realize how dependent I was on it, until none of the water outlets at home was running.
4. Friends I've met through BlogTV, and Youtube. Their passion for music and making videos are pretty dang inspiring! Shoutout to Frank & Kevin :)
5. The sunsets. Whether it be in Vancouver or Singapore, it is truly one of God's most beautiful creations.

6. The gift of photography! At least I think I have somewhat of a gift hahaha. It's one of the things I love doing. And it makes me happy doing it.
7. The freedom my parents give me, and the trust that goes along with it.
8. Being able to walk. Something that a lot of people take for granted.
9. People who still remember me, even after losing touch for about 8 years. It's amazing how friendships can be rekindled after that long. Especially with an ex teacher!
10. Fresh air. Being able to enjoy that, is awesome.

A Little Update & Gratitude Challenge Day 1 ♥

Hello all! I know I haven't been blogging much.. (Except for the 30 Day Blog Challenge) I guess its time to get back to it. Hmm updates I guess? Still in school, almost done however!!! Final semester. Can you believe how fast time flies? Although with graduation coming to a close.. I'm kind of nervous/scared as to what the future will hold for me. I have no idea which path I should take, and the two that I'm considering.. are on completely different ends of the spectrum. Sigh* I've been praying about it as well.. but patience is key, and I haven't had any of that lately. Frustration seems to be taking over quite a bit.

The whole Singapore relocation thing is put on hold, as I'm waiting for Miss Kimberly Su to hurry up and graduate!! But who knows where we'll both end up.. Only time will tell, right? Other than that.. I've just been busy with school, photoshoots, and spending quality time with friends and family. I'm not complaining.. it's been a good time, and I'm so thankful for that. How was you guys' Thanksgiving? And what are you thankful for?

Oh and I decided to start the Gratitude Challenge, as suggested by my Pastor (I love her!) :) For the next 40 days, write 10 things you're thankful for. I think sometimes.. we get so caught up with our lives that we forget to be grateful for what we have. So I'm going to throw this challenge out there to you guys. If you're up for it, do it! Some of my friends have already started.

So here's what I'm thankful for:
1. God. Always there, always showering us with unconditional love. Through Him, all things are possible :)
2. My family. Without them, I wouldn't be here. I'm so grateful for their constant love and support throughout the years. Through the highs and lows, they're always standing strong by my side.
3. My friends! They're awesome. Enough said. Shoutout to Aaron & Jerry, for showing goodness, in the darkest of days, and for being themselves :) *Cue dirty jokes* Woo Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!
4. My Godma. For always being one call away. For the endless nagging, but always reminding me that I'm always in her thoughts and prayers every single day.
5. Education. I'm so blessed to be able to study in such a beautiful city, and be given the chance to go to school for something I love.
6. For my Blackberry hahaha. Ok I know I can be quite dependent on it.. But hey it's such an amazing invention in technology!!
7. Being able to enjoy the luxuries in life, such as travelling, dining out and shopping.
8. A roof over my head. Having my own room. Having running water in my home. List goes on..
9. My parents choosing to move to Vancouver. It truly is a beautiful city. Although I am quite fond of Singapore, and it'll always be home to me.. I don't regret moving here. It's been quite a ride, and I've enjoyed every bit of it.
10. My pastor! For putting this challenge out there, and for her patience, care, love, guidance and prayers throughout the years I've known her. She is truly an amazing woman :)

25 & 26: Been there done that ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 25 & 26: What's in your purse & A photo of somewhere you've been to

I've done a what's in my purse post before, so I'll link it up here! Now here's a picture of where I've been to. Malacca. It's in Malaysia, and to me, it's one of the most beautifully historic places in the world. I love the street vendors, and the old heritage houses with so much character and charm. Although the last time I was here, was probably when I was 9, I've had fond memories of this place. It's richness in culture is something I love. This is also the place from which my great grandmother is from, and where all our family traditions and culture was born. I'll definitely be heading back here sometime soon, to experience and appreciate the place for what it truly is.

24: There's nothing like it ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 24: A photo of something that means a lot to you

My hometown, Singapore!! It's definitely a place I hold dear to my heart. The memories made, my childhood, my family.. and this city, is where I call home. I'll always be Singaporean at heart :)

22 & 23: Better left unsaid ♥

(via weheartit)

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 22 & 23: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently + 15 facts about you

Hmm.. this will be an interesting blog post. I don't think anyone really, has hurt me recently. Not that I can recall anyways. But to the last person who did, I just want to thank you for being a part of my life. Even if things didn't work out, those were some good memories that were shared, and you have taught and shown me a lot. Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all right?

Let's move on to the 15 facts:
  • One of my favourite things to do is to have conversations by the beach.
  • Other than Vancouver and Singapore, the other place I hold close to my heart is Australia. Spent some time there as a kid, and absolutely loved it. The apartment by the beach.. breathtaking.
  • I'm an SUV-girl, I don't like driving small cars, and driving behind bigger cars.
  • I have a soft spot for guys who sing and play the guitar. One of the ways to my heart! Haha.
  • When I was 3, being the rebel that I am, I decided it would be fun to pull the iron cord from the ironing board. Well that went well. Skin drafts and a few operations later, I was left with a scar on my fingers and leg. My first battle scar.
  • My blackberry is something I can't live without. Although it's nice to shut the phone off once in a while.
  • Something I really want to do during my lifetime? Go on a missions trip.
  • My grandfather is the one person I hold the most respect for, and whom I truly miss dearly.
  • I love wakeboarding. Actually.. I just love water sports in general!
  • I'm very fascinated by my family's culture. Peranakans. Google it :)
  • I love anything and everything Korean. K-pop & Kimchi? Oh yes.
  • I'm sure this is not that surprising.. but I love to sing. Maybe not so much in front of people.. haha. In the shower works for me!
  • I shop like a total guy. I literally go into the store, pick out what I like and leave. If I were to browse, I'd just make a quick round and I'm out of there.
  • I get along really well with people of all ages. From kids to grandparents, I can hold quite a conversation.
  • One of my goals is to compile my grandmother's recipes into a book for her. Inclusive of pictures I take.

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