What's in my purse? & DSK Jewelry ♥

First off, much love to Stephanie Nguyen of DSK Jewelry, for this lovely bracelet! Ladies, be sure to check out her site, and her amazing jewelry creations. Follow her twitter for updates ;) xx

I guess everyone is curious as to what's in someone's purse eh? I know I for one am. I know you ladies (and some guys) love checking out what's in one's purse. Well let's take a look at mine, and what I have in it. Pretty boring lol in my opinion.. compared to other girls!
  • Kate Spade Wallet
  • Blackberry!!
  • Lululemon water tumbler
  • Keys
  • Moisturizer
  • MAC Lipstick & Nars lip gloss
  • iPod
  • D&G Shades
  • My book of thoughts/sketches/ideas
Missing* My Pink PSP, and my camera.

So what's in your purse ladies?

Starbucks and Girl Talk ♥

When was the last time you sat down with someone and had a good conversation that went on for hours? From guys to life stories. Rings to photography. The list goes on. Met up with the lovely Jenny today, and it was good to catch up. After years of not seeing each other, literally. Oh and I found a new favorite nail color. OPI's hot and spicy! Love it. Thanks Jenny! xx

Next blog post: What's in my bag?

(Not so) glam side of the Fashion Industry

Visited a Manufacturing house earlier this afternoon. It was quite an experience. From receiving, to cutting, to sewing, to trimming and the final finishes.. Boy, what a process it is. Definitely a tedious one as well. The ladies/gents who do this for a living, kudos to them. It is such a tiring job, and a lot of hard work. Strenuous on the eyes as well. Well folks, this is the not so glamorous side of the fashion industry. The messiest too I'd say. It was for sure an eye opening experience, and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to experience how their working environment is like.

(Excuse my poor quality of visuals. These are taken from my BB.)

Like you'll never see me again

I have so much to say, yet I don't know where to begin. These past few weeks have been quite an interesting one. Let's just say.. My decision has been clearer than ever. Everyone else begs to differ, but I'd just have to disagree. This decision was mine to make, and I've made it. I've learned to always, always have a back up plan. Not everything goes the way you want it to. And don't get your hopes up, because there's quite a possibility you could get disappointed in the end. Wherever your passion lies, go for it. Work hard, and play hard. Chase your dreams, because they won't chase you.

P.S Sorry for the lack of updates. I know my picture-filled posts can be quite a bore. Here's an album dedicated to Vancouver Vintage stores. Enjoy lovelies! xx

P.P.S I just don't know about you anymore. I'm just.. afraid to put these walls down.

Girl about Town ♥

Back to classes again. Bring it on, semester 2. On the other hand, I managed to find something I absolutely love today. A new favorite lip color! Ladies, this pink is the new red. Decided to change it up a little, and I found Girl about Town from M.A.C. Here's a clearer picture. Definitely a keeper. Picture doesn't really do it justice, but the color is really lovely. Can you say fierce?

Short update today, but I'll let you guys know about the decision I have made regarding my move soon. Oh, and check out my friend Frank's new video. Resulted from a conversation we had earlier in the morning. Yay for awesome convos :) Can guys and girls JUST be friends? What's your take. Let me know :)

Weekend Vlog ♥


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