So proud of our Canadian Boys! ♥

If you did not watch today's epic USA vs. Canada game, you missed out! Cheers for Canada who brought home the Gold after an intense OT. 14 carat baby, that's how we do, USA. Haha sorry in advance to all my American readers. I still love y'all! Sidney Crosby - resident hottie brought it home, and I'm so damn proud of this boy :') Have I mentioned he's quite the looker? Ladies, I heard he's still up for grabs! Now that the Olympics are pretty much over and done with, I'm actually quite sad to see it end. Well needless to say, it's been a good time with all the Olympic festivities despite the overwhelming crowd and protests and what not. And oh, Canada now holds the record with 14 Golds! It's the most Gold medals won by a single country at a Winter Olympic Game. Team Canada! Who's with me ? :)

Vancouver's Hidden Gems pt. 1 ♥

Over on Wednesday morning, Suzie and I met up for breakfast over at Medina's, located at 556 Beatty Street. (Right by Stadium Skytrain) It was my first time being here, and I really did not know what to expect, other than rave reviews from Suzie. But with that being said, I had an absolutely lovely dining experience. Stepping in, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of the place, with the artwork hanging up on the walls, and the brick back splash. The food was fab, and so was the customer service. Our server was extremely nice, and always on his feet with serving us. As I wasn't fully recovered from my food poisoning yet, I decided to go light with breakfast. (Wish I was well, cus the breakfast menu was awesome.) We ordered a couple of things, including the Vanilla Latte, L'Omlette du Matin (Omelette of the Day), Roasted potatoes, as well as the Waffle + Mixed Berry topping. The waffle is SO yummy! I highly recommend it. It's just the perfect ounce of sweetness for breakfast. The price range for breakfast food is definitely a little more so than most places, but I would say it's worth it to spend on a quality breakfast every so often. Especially if it's at Medina's! Without a doubt, you will see me coming back to this place. Great food, and great service. Couldn't ask for more.

I've been roaming around..

(*Warning* Picture Heavy entry!) Being the unlucky person that I am, I was down with food poisoning/stomach flu over the weekend. Let me tell you, it was by far the most awful feeling in the world. I would rather do acupuncture and have needles stuck in my body a million times over than go through that again. With that being said, I finally managed to get out of the house after being stuck at home for 2 awful days, while it was beautiful out :( I'm sure some of my fellow Vancouverites got a good dose of sunshine over the weekend! Because now comes the infamous rain again. Managed to catch a movie (Channing Tatum , anyone?) over on Friday with Pearlyn, and headed downtown as well to waterfront for some Olympic " sightseeing ".

Had the food poisoning, (Pearlyn, once again, SO sorry for being sick over the weekend!! and that I wasn't a good host because I spent most of the time in the washroom instead! Raincheck?) and fast forwarding to Monday, I met up with Kim and Andrew for some dim sum as well as a photowalk.

Every time I take the skytrain, and on the way to downtown.. I pass by Broadway station, then Main street, Science World, before alighting at Granville Station. Well in between Broadway and Main Street, there are various train tracks that are not in use. So I thought, hey, that makes an awesome photography location. But.. that location is apparently prohibited. On that note, I have a funny story to tell. Andrew was the first to explore, being the guy and all.. while Kim and I stepped back, contemplating whether it was even okay to walk in there. Anyways, Andrew ended up calling us cowards, and Kim responded with this. "We're not chicken, We're Singaporeans. We just follow the law. " For those who don't get the joke, well Singapore is a fine city. Literally. We have the most outrageous laws ever. Including our infamous no gum chewing policy. And because of those laws, I guess we've become what you would call, "law-abiding citizens". The majority of us are not law breakers, thus making it a very very safe country. (Even at 4 in the morning, it's okay for me to walk out of my house to go grab a bite alone.) Anyways, anything for photography right? lol. We ended up stepping in. Yeah I'm a bad ass like that. Hahaha jk.

And then it was onto the Sochi House (Russia) @ False Creek.

Wardrobe Detoxing

So I did a little shopping today, window shopping that is. Everywhere and everyone is all geared up with Olympic wear as of late, that I feel the need to draw away from the reds and whites for once. I did try on a couple of things though. However, I wasn't wow-ed by anything I tried. Unfortunately didn't find anything I really absolutely had to have. Been wanting more florals in my wardrobe now that it's spring! But I've been leaning towards investment pieces, like the boyfriend blazers, and denim. Well here's what I tried today.. One, a fad, and the other, just something I can't see myself wearing one too many times. What do you guys think? Would love to hear you ladies' opinions!

I found this sequin harem pants, decided to try them on, and well.. I quite like them. It kinda adds access weight to the waist though. But that's the look. Well I'd pair it with a white fitted blazer, and some gladiator-styled heels/nude pumps, and I'm good to go. But honestly, how many times can I wear them? It's definitely not a piece that goes with just about anything, and after all this fad will fade eventually. And for that price, ($49.90 I believe) I would much rather invest that towards a timeless piece. The next item I tried on was this pink bandage skirt. Very Herve Leger inspired. If you knew me, you would know that I was immediately drawn to this skirt because it was pink lol. Let's just say.. I'm very drawn to all things pink and shiny haha. Literally anything. I loved the color.. but the style not so much. It wasn't too flattering on me I thought. But again. Love the color! If only they had a dress in that color. I can't seem to find anything I absolutely love nowadays.. which is sad to say :( My shopping list at the moment consists of just investment pieces. Mackage leather jacket, Michael Kors watch, Talula dress shirt, and maybe a pair of jeggings. Oh and rings! I have a serious obsession with cocktail rings as of late. What's on your shopping list?

Next stop, Fashion Central ♥

I'm glad that I'm finally able to write a proper blog post! It's been crazy busy for me with school and everything else on the side. Sometimes I just need to take a breather.. A vacation sounds about right at the moment. Well I'm happy to be back! Today was a rather exciting one for me. I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful ladies over at Operation Style! Just a little background on them: Operation Style is a Vancouver based company that focuses on personal shopping, image consulting, and fashion of course. They offer a wide range of services, ranging from closet detox, to personal shopping, to planning a fabulous day out for you to take your date out. (Men take note!) Managed to learn quite a bit from these lovely ladies, and oh, they're Blanche Macdonald Graduates as well! Right after this, it was onto meeting Dorinha of Dorinha Jeans! Does anyone remember this brand from back in our high school days? Well I for one remember everyone rockin' those pair of 1 inch zipper denim from those days. She is such a lovely lady. Super nice, and sweet! She is also currently having a sale, so if anyone is interested, you could pay her a visit at her office @ #2014-1396 Richards Street! Great swimwear and denim at wholesale price. It was quite a great day I'd say. Not to mention.. the weather was beautiful out :) With that being said.. here are some pictures!

I guess I'm it!

So I got tagged by the lovely Jessica Mai!

The rules of this tag are...
"Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."

Here's my list..
  • Enjoying the weather on a beautiful day
  • Bringing my baby cuz out for some girl time
  • Going for desserts/bbt with friends
  • Talking to my older "bro" + grandma on the phone
  • Reading a great novel
  • Being able to sleep in!! hehe
  • Singing and dancing :)
  • Going on a photo walk & photoshoots
  • Blogging!
  • Bargain shopping - especially in Singapore.
I tag Sueann, Michelle, Kym, Aaron, and everyone else who reads my blog! :)

You and me could write a bad romance ♥

My Valentine's and Chinese New Year's was nothing short of amazing. Great company, and not to mention.. great food! Couldn't ask for more. A bunch of us got together on Valentine's for a dinner, and I have to say it went pretty entertainingly well. Chinese New Year was nice as well, getting the family together for a reunion, and being able to see my baby cousins. Now that the weekend is over.. I have a ton of projects to finish up.. Guess I'll be spending my next two days locked up at home :( On another note.. I got my data back!!! So you guys can BBM me! :) 208E770D. I shall end this post off with some pictures. Probably do a better update sometime later this week. I hope you guys had a great weekend as well! xox

Olympic Fever

To be honest, I wasn't too fond of the Olympics, for various reasons.. but I'm glad that it is held in Vancouver though. The hype is building up, and I find myself proud to say I live here. (Can't say I'm proud to be Canadian.. just yet. I will be though, soon enough! For those who are wondering, it's because I still hold the Singaporean Citizenship) Right before my midterm was held, we managed to catch a glimpse of the torch relay on Richards and Robson. Tons of people were running towards the torch, and snapping away. I on the other hand.. was too short to get a decent picture lol. Managed to sneak a few in, but they weren't great. Oh wells, it was nice to be able to check the festivities out though. The streets haven't been this filled since.. ever? With that being said.. I'd say 1/3 of them were sadly.. protesters. I truly do not get why they're going all out just to bash the Olympics. I get that people are angry at the government for going over the budget and what not.. but what's done is done. Accept it, and move on. Do you not have anything better to do? And for those protesters who continuously complain about how Vancouver has been putting them through crap for the past 20 odd years and what not.. Reality check, if you really do hate this city that much, get out. No one is forcing you to stay here. There are a few other neighboring countries you can reside in. Why bother trying to ruin a moment for Vancouver, when the event is already planned out and is happening? Such a waste of time don't you think. And ruining the city's property? There's your free ticket to jail, if that's what you people were aiming for. Okay end of rant. I think I shall call it a night.

A day in the life of a fashion student ♥

I'm at the edge of my emotions

Trouble sleeping.. what's new? I thought to myself .. okay I should probably sleep early because I have a midterm and lots to study for this week. Not to mention meetings to plan for, and photo shoots as well. Slept much earlier than I'm used to, and now I'm up at this hour.. Which totally defeats the purpose of sleeping early in the first place. Classes in a bit, and I probably won't end up sleeping till 5.. Listening to Terrified - Katherine McPee feat. Jason Reeves on repeat, and blogging instead. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking on way too much, and I set myself up for failure because of it. I tend to doubt myself from time to time (which is completely normal I guess), and question whether I can really do it. I currently feel so overwhelmed by everything that's been happening lately, and that I'm running out of time to do these things. Sometimes I just wish I had the time to breathe a little. I make time to write/blog because in some way or another, it is a stress reliever to me. I also feel like such a boring person nowadays. I would much rather stay home reading a book, or have a night in with some friends.. while most people my age are hitting up the clubs and getting wasted. I can safely say I've passed that "phase" in my life. Good or bad? I don't really know. Maybe that's why I hang out and get along with people way older than I am.

(Just felt like sticking in a picture of myself haha! Since I hardly have pictures of me on my blog. Lol yeah I know.. I'm pretty vain.)

On another note, amidst the midterms, assignments and what not.. it is also the week of the 2010 Winter Olympics. To be honest, I am not as hyped about it as everyone else is. Maybe if I didn't have classes during the Olympics, I wouldn't be as bitter lol. I think the part that I'm looking forward to the least.. is the commute to and from school. Hopefully it's not as crazy as many have said it would be. Regular mornings are bad enough. And also.. Valentine's is coming up. 2nd year in a row, spending it with all the single ladies. Referring back to previous posts about the guys in Vancouver.. as well as me not having enough time for a boy man. It really is not an excuse lol. My guy friends beg to differ.. saying that I'm looking at the wrong places, and that I will make time for a guy in my life if I really wanted to. Well maybe that is partially true.. but I have seriously given up on looking. I think it's time for them to make the first move. But being the unlucky person that I am.. the first moves are from guys I would rather be single for the rest of my life for, than date. Oh well, for now I'm pretty content being single. Oh and I stumbled upon this earlier. Pretty amazing piece of work. Thought I'd share! xox

I think about you in the summertime

It's not even spring yet, and I'm anticipating summer. The weather hasn't been too great as of late, and I'm missing Mr.Sunshine. It's about time he paid us a long visit. Oh wells, what can I expect? It's Vancouver we're talking about. Beach days, BBQs, biking around the seawall, bonfires, and summer sales.. I sure miss it. I unfortunately won't be able to hit up the motherland this summer, as classes are still in session for me, as well as the annual summer camp that I will be chairing this year. What are some of your favorite summer activities? For myself, it varies as to where I'm at. If I'm in Singapore, definitely wakeboarding and taking the yacht out with a bunch of friends for a little picnic on the waters. It's extremely hot over there, so it's nice to be surrounded by the waters to cool down a little. But when I'm back in Vancouver, I love to kits-beach it up! English Bay works too. Shopping on Robson Street, backyard movie nights, bonfires, blading around the seawall.. just to name a few. Pretty stoked for this summer, although it might possibly be my last one in Vancouver for awhile..

Oh and I promised you guys another teaser.. so here it is! These are just some of the shots we took, but there will definitely be more pictures, so keep a look out for them! Q&A Session included! So I was reading Michelle's blog earlier today.. and she had a blogger meet-up back in her hometown. I actually thought that was pretty cool, bringing people of similar interests together to hang out and getting to know them better. Any Vancouverites interested in doing one? It'd be nice to get the girls together sometime :)

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