Hope for Haiti ♥

Just wanted to put the word out there that I will be doing photo shoots starting next month, BY donation! Minimum donation would be $30, and 100% of the proceeds will be going towards the Haiti Relief Fund. So let me know if you're interested, drop by my Facebook fan page to check out some pictures, if not just email me at: for more details and links to the private albums on Facebook. If you're in the Vancouver area, holla! Much love.

How to attract the ladies with great style

Haha I'm totally kidding about the title btw, but I hope that grabbed your attention somehow.

The average guy is average looking, makes an average salary and has average taste in Fashion. But he's competing with other guys who have exceptional taste in clothes, and makes a whole lot of money. The fastest way to look good, is to have a stylish wardrobe. I believe if you make the effort and take the time, everyone can look their best given their shape and size. To be honest, women could care less how much your jeans cost guys, and whether it has designer labeled all over it. Unless you're one of those superficial girls! In that case, tsk tsk! Most women don't care about how much you spend, as long as your overall appearance looks good. I think for guys, the main issues are comfort and flexibility. They want to be able to run around in their outfit, and be comfortable. But you can still do this while being stylish I assure you!

So this post is inspired by one of my friends, Kevin. A little over awhile ago, he had asked me to do some shopping for him. Yes you heard it. Shopping. Now it wasn't shopping for gadgets, a gift, or even books. It was for clothes! If you actually personally knew Kevin, you would rarely hear of the word shopping, and his name in the same sentence. Well, you all know how I love to shop. Can you consider it to be one of my favorite past times? Sure! I had a budget, and I definitely had to stick to it. I started off by asking him what his preferences are, style likes, and dislikes. I got a general idea of what he's into and what not to get, and off I was shopping. I headed to non other than Metrotown, just because it was convenient for me, and I went during the morning to avoid the high school traffic. First stop, Zara. I found this very nicely tailored leather jacket, but unfortunately, they didn't have his size, and it wasn't his style. Did some more looking, but I did not find anything suitable. I believe like women, guys need their basics as well. *Key is to shop for pieces that you could pair up with other things in your closet to achieve different looks. And, always visit stores you wouldn't normally go to! Because you might find some great deals. I eventually found a couple of things, and here's the breakdown of what I got, and what I believe are necessary to every guy's closet. (Will try to bug him for pictures sometime soon! Haha.)

  • Outerwear: I found this very reasonably priced cargo jacket in a Taupe color by Heritage 1981, Forever 21. I believe it was around $35? It's definitely very versatile. Pair it with a tee and jeans and you're ready to go. Or if you're looking for a more dressy look, change the tee up to a dress shirt, and dark-washed jeans for a night out, or a date.
  • Sweaters: Argyle! Okay, this style might not work for everyone, just because it gives off that very preppy/smart vibe.. But I managed to snag a bargain for this one at $19 from Latitude if I'm not mistaken (Note: This was awhile ago, so I'm just estimating the prices.) It's suited for a dressier outfit, but hey, everyone needs a sweater. Besides, the color on it was fresh. Also found a striped one in blue and white.
  • Hoodies: This was by far, the best deal of the day. Now everyone always thinks Old Navy is a place with cheap clothes and quality-wise, not the best out there. I concur.. but to some extent. I've found great deals at this place over the years. I do agree though, that some of their stuff is not quite on par with it's quality, and I personally wouldn't purchase them, but if you look well enough, you just might find something worth getting. I ended up with a $10 plain black hoodie. I actually also found some really great basic tees for $6, but they were sold out of smaller sizes.

Now with all this being said, those are just some of the pieces I managed to purchase that day. They were all tops, because I wasn't looking for bottom pieces that day. You gotta start with a solid foundation of basics, and build from there. My complete list of Basics for guys would be ..
  • Dark-wash Denim Jeans
  • Plain Tees in Blue, Black, White or Grey
  • Blazer
  • Dress pants
  • Button-up dress shirt
  • Polo
  • Well-tailored suit
  • Coat
  • Tie
  • Black shoes and Black belt

Everyone can look good. It's whether you make the effort to or not. Some may be more fashion-forward than others, but that's okay. Everyone's different. I shall try and update this post with pictures sometime soon.. hopefully lol. So if you ever need me to do any shopping for you.. holla!

You can have whatever you like ♥

So the 2 day celebration couldn't have gone any more awesome than it did. Thanks to all who came out, for the endless shots, and wonderful gifts! Also, to my sweet classmates for the cards and lovely treats. Much love. It was great to get everyone together. Guess I kept up with my goal of the night : To stay classy. It'll take a lot to get me done guys! Haha. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

and the shots keep coming..

Oh and we were partly watching the game as well. Go nucks' go!!

The night ended well, with one person in exception! Cough* Aaron Lo Cough* Hahaha. Next time it'll be even worse when it's your turn!!

When all is said and done ♥

That was honestly the best birthday gift I could've asked for. I didn't expect that from you. It truly touches my heart to know that we could still salvage what's left of the past and bring it onto the future. Thanks for always being such an awesome friend. Nothin' but mad love for you homeslice!

You gotta know when to throw the towel in

So, it's finally the week of my birthday. Didn't seem too long ago that I had the awesome birthday surprise. I have so much to do, yet so little time. (Always seems to be that way right?) It really frustrates me especially when everything seems to collide with it. I mean even on the day itself, which is a Friday, I'm swamped. Class from 9:30-5:30, meeting a friend after, and heading to fellowship after that. I still haven't gotten my birthday outfit. (Okay, trust me it's nothing fancy lol. I'm keeping it fairly casual this year.) Haven't placed a reservation for the restaurant (Will get that done in the morning). Need to restock on my make-up, because it's literally almost done. Have to run some errands here and there. And then there's the dinner on Saturday. Pretty stoked as almost everyone is coming, and it's nice to get everyone together for something. But yeah, I think as you get older.. birthdays don't really seem to matter anymore. Partying gets kinda old, as well as the alcohol that comes along with it.

On another note, I did something completely stupid today. A few of you guys know what it was.. and to be honest, I should've seen it coming. I guess it's one of those things I can't exactly avoid. Oh wells, what's done is done.. no point raking up the past again. I hate how this seems to be an ongoing situation that always comes back and bites me in the ass, even when I said I'm over and done with it. This is probably why I won't date for awhile lol. Where are all the good guys?

Nerding it out, kinda

My Saturdays have now become "studying" days. I guess that's what school does to you. However, studying doesn't always have to be such a bore, when you have the right people around! Okay, we weren't exactly studying that much per se, more like watching YouTube videos, and chatting on MSN instead. Just Kidding! Or am I? I did go through my notes for my upcoming quiz though.. So technically I did get some work done. I love this little cafe I found on Cardero Street, near the Westin Bayshore Hotel. It's called Blue Tree Cafe, and it truly serves the yummiest sandwiches, for a rather reasonable price I might add.

Anyhow, we decided to take a little stroll around the area after our "intensive" hour of education, and go on a little photography session. Not the best pictures today, but they work. We also found our favorite man to take a picture with. Isn't he such a stud?

I love this area. I miss how during the earlier years, we used to go to the Condo for a late night swim, and have movie nights with hot chocolate over looking the Stanley Park. Pretty awesome area to live in, I'd say. Not to mention, Cardero's is also right in front of it!

Okay, so outfit of the day. Wow I haven't done this in a very, very long time.

Oxford BF Shirt
| Talula
High-waisted Skirt | Wilfred
| Forever 21
Over the Knee Boots
| Urban Outfitters
| The Bay
| American Eagle
Wool Cashmere Coat
| Talula Babaton

And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute

(My desk atm. Can't wait to reorganize everything, and redecorate! New art pieces up, old ones down, new frames etc. My inspiration is the Trina table lamp from Urban Barn. LOVE that gorgeous piece of work)

Way too tired to really blog today, so it shall be a short one. My first day sleeping in, in a very, very long time. Finally got to catch up on all the 4 hour sleep days I've been having. Back to classes in a day, and I've got to catch up on my readings, and note-taking. Pretty much done, but I'm going to be anal about it because I want to do well. Probably will be home for the most part today, and finish up my notes. I swear I'm the most boring person these days. If it's not school, church or home, I'm at an event that I have to be at. Pretty exciting life huh? On the other hand, it's my birthday next week, and I will party if I want to. Can I have whatever I like just for that one day, and pop bottles all night? Just kidding. I would be at school for the most part, and I will be off to fellowship after.. if not .. I will get an earful from my lovely friends haha. Oh I love you guys, you know that. But with that being said, I would much rather enjoy a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, buy myself a little somethin' somethin' and spend it with the boy man. No, it's not my someone special.. yet. Anyways, I'm off to bed for now. Got to catch some shut eye before the sun comes out.

Part Deux: Behind the Scenes

Day 2 of the Wedding Fair. So glad it's finally over!!! It was definitely an eye-opening experience, as well as a great opportunity to get to know the industry better.

Loved the models I personally got to work with! They were such dolls.

Also made new friends, which is always great! I'm extremely tired right now though as I'm typing this. My fingers are pretty blistered from yesterday and today. But it's all good! Just thought I'd post some pictures up for your viewing. Enjoy! xox

Lights, Camera, Fashion! ♥

I have new found respect for people involved in the fashion show production and process. I got a taste of it myself today, and let's just say.. it is not easy. It might seem like a breeze and all glamourous on stage, but backstage is literally madness. It is an extremely tiring and tedious process. You have to be quick on your feet, prepare for errors that might come up, and just breathe. Needless to say though, it was a great success. Met new friends, networked, and had fun. The models were also such sweethearts to work with, so it made the show a lot more fun. Oh, and getting a first hand look of all the gowns was pretty awesome. I've already picked out my wedding gown! Jk! But I do have a dream gown in mind. I unfortunately did not take any pictures today.. but I'll bring my camera tomorrow for sure. (Maybe not the DSLR because it is pretty heavy) The booths that were set up were also very pleasing to the eye. Gorgeous gowns everywhere, exquisite wine, great photographers, etc. Day 2 of tomorrow, but this time I'm definitely going to explore the fair a little more, and maybe make some minor purchases, hehe. Don't roll your eyes at me! I'm only getting bridal magazines.. Anyhow, Danielle and Elena will be there tomorrow :) So it'll be good! I think I shall call it a night now. Got to be up early in a bit. Peace + Love y`all!

P.S I will blog soon about an amazing product I found at MAC. It has made its way to becoming my favorite!

Fashionistas Need Sleep too

So day 2 of school, and I'm quite liking it. It's definitely something I want to go to school for.. And clearly, it shows. I haven't been this organized in forever! My notes are all neatly typed up, filed under the right tabs, and color coordinated. Perhaps I have turned into a Monica Geller. I just need to find my Chandler Bing. Let's hope it never gets to that extreme of the spectrum haha. Anyways, back onto the topic of school. My classmates are awesome ladies who share the same passion for fashion as I do. Not to mention we all absolutely love shopping! Bonding time eh ladies? Since the start of school, I have been nothing but busy. You can say I have not much of a life. I guess that's what school does to you. I like how I'm able to squeeze in little shopping trips to Robson & Pacific Center though, since my school is literally at Fashion Central. Oh and I finally bought those Melkonian Boots from Aldo! Got the taupe one instead, because I have way too many black boots. I didn't get it yet though, had to order them. But I can't wait for it to arrive!

Speaking of being busy.. My weekend is jam packed. Looks like I'll only be able to catch up on my sleep on Monday or Tuesday, since I don't have classes then. Oh and read up on all the notes I've taken as well as the textbook. I swear I don't get enough sleep these days.. and I always end up sleeping waaay later than I intended to. So yes, the busy schedule.. today after class, I will be heading for an early dinner, and then fellowship. Fellowship ends around 10, and I have to be up early tomorrow morning for the Vancouver Wedding Fair, as I will be dressing the models for both Saturday & Sunday. Excited for this opportunity! It'll be a full day affair, so I'll probably be passing up on hanging out with my friends this weekend :( Sorry guys! Rain check?

On another note, my birthday is in 2 weeks!!! Might just settle for a quiet dinner with the girls & boys. The hype for a big celebration kind of died down. I guess I really am turning old..

P.S I'm in LOVE with the new YSL Scent, Parisienne! Whoever buys me this for my birthday, I'll love you forever!!

Life Transformers

So I decided to watch this series, called Life Transformers, after reading Sharon's blog post. It's a Singapore TV production about people in Singapore living close to poverty, and living in the worst possible living conditions ever. Most of you wouldn't have expected this eh.. By the way Singapore is displayed to the public. Well here's real life for you. There was one story that really captured my attention. And it was one that also really broke my heart. It was about a man in his mid 70s, who's working to make ends meet for his family. 2 of his daughters committed suicide due to drastic circumstances, and so he's left with 3 children, and a grandchild. One of them is away in a foreign country working, and the other two left are just in total shock and are mentally unstable following their sisters' deaths. I couldn't help but cry while watching it. It is so sad and hurting to see the old mourn for the young. And at that man's age.. he shouldn't even need to work. His children should be the ones taking care of their parents and providing for them. In so many ways, I wished I had the power to do something to take the burden off a little. Maybe it's because he reminded me a lot of my grandfather. But regardless, in my mind, no one of that age should have to struggle so much just to make ends meet. Seeing how he talked about his life, and the situations he encountered during his lifetime, really makes you think about yours, and makes you reevaluate your own life. Why do such things happen to good people? Sigh.

You make it real for me ♥

First post of the new year. Can you believe it's 2010? Time sure passes like a breeze.. and in a day, I'll be off to Fashion School. Boohoo, start of classes = no life. Extremely nervous as the day approaches. New people, New friends, and a completely new environment. Time to savor whatever's left of the 6 months vacation.. which is a day. Lol. I just hope I'm able to still make time for church, friends and family despite the crazy busy schedule. Time to work those time management skills!

Since it's the new year, I guess it would be an appropriate time to share the big decision I have made. If nothing comes up from now till the time I'm done school.. I'll be off to Singapore for quite some period of time. I don't want to say for good, just because I know I'll be back from time to time. After all, some of the most amazing people in my life are right here in Vancouver :) But yes, once I'm done with school, I'm planning to head back home for work purposes, and just experience what Home has to offer, that I've missed out on all these years. I know how many of you love the rather relaxed lifestyle of Vancouver.. but I'll have to disagree and say that I'm an odd ball. I love the fast-paced lifestyle Singapore has to offer. How everything is on the go, and you're always on the go. I guess it's something you'd only understand if you have lived there. Kim would most definitely agree. Now with all this being said, this plan is not a 100% for sure. As much as I would like it to be.. things almost never go the way you intend it to. For me, a lot of factors come into play, i.e job opportunities, family matters, or relational. It's 11 months from now. And life is so unpredictable. Anything can happen. Even the most unimaginable.

On another note, I am so pumped for this year! A completely fresh start. It is the first time in a long time that I'm allowing myself to focus on my dreams, my goals, and what the future might hold for me. A year of endless possibilities? I'm sure of it :)

There's so much craziness, surrounding me
There's so much going on, it gets hard to breathe
When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me
You make it real for me

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