This is Home, truly ♥

Since y`all keep asking why I miss Singapore so much, here are my Top 5 Reasons as to Why I love & miss the place I call Home.

(Joey & I at East Coast's Mcd. One of our late night supper sessions)

(Some of my cousins & I at Greg's house for a BBQ)

(Ran across the street to the sound of the music, and stumbled onto this. One of my most fun nights ever with Sueann. Sang along to the songs we liked, and enjoyed the rest of the night. )

#1: My favorite people in the world are there. Nothing beats a day being out with them. We could be doing the silliest things, and it would still be major fun. I miss those supper sessions at East Coast. Or the late night drinks at OneTwentySix, or Hacienda. Jamming with the guitar at the beaches, picnics at the parks, Shopping at Mustafa at 5 A.M.. & Our spontaneous nights that involve free outdoor concerts, and ice-cream.

(Out on the porch with my baby cousin, and fellow Vancouverite, Thea.)

#2: Staying at my cousin's and just chilling out on the porch. Although we had our little arguments at times, it still was a good time. Besides, she had this awesome stash of vodka! Hehe. Oh and her place was very easily accessible. I grew up being an east side kid, living near the beach at Pasir Ris. So this was nice for a change. It was pretty damn awesome living 5 mins away from Dempsey, and party central, a.k.a Clarke Quay. I loved being able to drive out during the night, and chilling out over drinks.

(Making my own ice-cream at Yuki & Yaki.)

(The famous Katong Laksa @ Katong, obviously.)

#3: How could I forget this? The makan! Be it my Mama's or the local hawker centres.. I have to say, our local food is the real deal. Satay, Chilli Crab, Hei Mee, Rojak, Nasi Lemak, Char Kway Teow, Ice Kachang, Hainanese Chicken Rice.. Need I say more? I have endless food places to bring you, if you ever visit Singapore while I'm there. If not, just ask me, and I'll hook you up with the name of these places! Did I mention food is super cheap as well?

(Supper Club)


(Timbre! One of my all time favorite places for live music by some very talented artists.)

#4: The night life!! Okay, while I was back.. I wasn't out clubbing that much. And I'm always back at the wrong timings for some reason. Missed out on Zouk Out.. and quite a few of the YouthEmpire parties. People in Vancouver.. You will not want to hit up our local clubs once you've stepped into Singapore's. It will wow you. No joke.

(Shopping for kebayas, and wearing them at the wedding after)

(Chinatown, Singapore)

#5: The ever so rich.. culture. I love that it's a multi-cultured country/city. That the culture is so rich and vibrant on so many different levels. I love being able to discover more about the different cultures through the museum visits as well. Sadly I never got to go to the Peranakan Museum the last trip back. But! I will make it a point to the next time round. And definitely the other museums as well. Miss Sharon Lim will be delighted to be my personal tour guide I'm sure. Add Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam etc onto that. There are so many places I never appreciated as a child, but now that I'm more aware of what I've missed.. It's never too late to head back to explore them :)

Okay la, there's a #6. I've missed out one.. Bargain shopping!! I'm weird like that. When I'm back in Singapore.. I don't run straight to the malls. I head straight to local boutiques and Bugis Street! Haji Lane is also another favorite spot. In fact, some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are dresses and my gladiators from random places in Singapore. Gotta support our local boutiques! Anyways I think I deserve some sleep since I stayed up to post this for you guys. 5:13 A.M already! Can die lor. Good Night!

When the lights burn out

(Interesting Fact: We took the exact same picture, 5 years ago. Man have we grown)

Okay, I lied. This will be the last post? Maybe. I just had a train of thought, and lost it. Maybe it's because I'm freezing right now as I type. Hot Chocolate and a warm fleece blanket would be so ideal right now. I hate it when I'm still up at this hour, when I clearly should be sleeping. Too many things are running through my mind right now. One of the "perks" of being a girl eh? Thinking way too much for our own good. Christmas, Christmas. Mine turned out to be a rather joyous occasion I might add. Surprisingly. Many good laughs, philosophical questions, hilarious moments, and problems with tongs. *Inside joke* I frankly don't find a need for Christmas gifts anymore. Half of the gifts I've received.. are things I wouldn't use. Or need for that matter. I rather have my gifts be gifts to the Children who need it more. It's the season of giving after all.

Speaking of giving, the least I could do is donate a bunch of clothes (unused, with the tag on mind you) to the clothing drive. Did some closet cleaning again, and I realized I have a ton of clothes lol. A ton that I don't even use. What a waste. Better use on someone else, than have it just sitting in my drawers. As I go through my clothes.. I also realized how much my style has changed over the years, as I wore the mask of many different characters. I admit, I used to wear TNA suits, Lululemon, along with the blonde hair and all that. I was the girl who would define myself by what I have. Branded, and materialistic, I was then I guess. (Oh those adolescent years...) Glad to say I'm not like that now. That part of me is gone, and so are the clothes! There's a difference between my love for Fashion, and being a brand whore! Gotta get that straight lol. Anyways I think I shall finish up blogging another day, because I am rather tired at the moment. Good Night lovelies!

Au Revoir 2009, it's been a good ride ♥

This will probably be my last post of 2009, unless I somehow am inspired to write about something significant that comes up within the next week or so. (Highly unlikely) Another year has come to an end, but I have to say.. it has been a good one. Naturally, there are the ups and downs, but that's life, right? At least I can say there were definitely more ups than downs this year. I can also say I've grown a whole lot this year, spiritually. This puts a smile on my face whenever I think about it. It's been a long.. and at times, very frustrating journey..but I have the best support system I could ever ask for. A lot of the times when something doesn't go as planned, or doesn't go the way we have hoped it would, we're angry at God, and ask him why. This happened quite a bit for me in the recent years. I guess it partly has to do with the instant validation I am so used to getting. (Which, is so not a good thing in some cases) However, I have really learned to trust God, and put my life into His hands. He has our lives planned out for us, so I believe everything happens for a reason.

It was also a year of major stepping up, and stepping out of my comfort zone. From performing on stage, to leading praise & worship.. yeah you could say it would be something I wouldn't have done a few years back. Or even thought of doing. I think I'm more comfortable with myself now. Not to say I wasn't before.. but I guess I'm more able to express how I feel, and how I really am in person. I have experienced a lot of "growing pains" in my early teen years, wearing the mask of many different characters, to the point where I wasn't sure who I was. I have fallen, and swayed to the wrong path in those tender and vulnerable teenage years.. But the experiences, needless to say, has taught me so much. And I couldn't have done this without the support and love from everyone. So I am again, most thankful for my friends at Church for everything they've done that has helped me grown throughout the past 2 years. You guys know who you are : ) Much love.

Relationships. Dun dun dun.. We have reached this topic. Nothing exciting has happened this past year, or rather I don't think it would be a great idea to talk about it on this blog. My close friends know what's up, so I don't have to explain myself. Other than some of the boys men being complicated, and the fact that I haven't found someone I'm extremely attracted to, I think we shall leave this at that. Oh and I tend to like jerks, or douchy guys. Why can't I have a bad boy with a golden heart? Like I said, time to chase after men rather than boys for men to chase after me rather than boys. I'm not asking for much am I?

Moving on to the not so wonderful moments of this year.. the loss of certain individuals in my life, that I hold close to my heart. It's sad that I have to say " I used to know you so well." I guess it happens. I wished it didn't, but there are some things that are beyond my control. Some are partly my fault, and some.. I can't even begin to grasp how it happened. How did it eventually lead to this? I wish that I could understand why, and that there were answers laying around for me. But that's not the case. It's almost like meeting them for the first time, and being strangers all over again. Breaks my heart whenever I think about it. Something I wish to leave behind in 2009.

Other than all that being said, I have to say this year was definitely a fruitful one. Sure, things didn't always go the way I intended it to, but the experiences and moments have shaped me into the person I am right now. And I wouldn't change a thing. So live, laugh, and love. Embrace every moment, whether it's good or bad. Living by that rule has made this year, for the most part.. an amazing one. I shall end the last post of 2009 with this..

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katherine Hepburn

The simple life + Hotpot

Never would I have thought I'd say this. I'm sure you guys would agree you could never picture me saying this as well. I actually like farms. There's something about it I guess that stands out for me. Yes, I am a complete city girl.. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the simple life, right? Well last Saturday, I headed to Krause Berry Farm, which is located in Langley, B.C.. and fell in love with the place. The owners (and their horses) were definitely filled with warmth as they greeted us, the food was great, and needless to say.. the place was beautiful.

These were the wonderful horses that gave us a tour of the entire farm. It was quite an interesting ride. I feel bad that they have to pull a wagon of people for tours lol.

A snapshot of the area. Foggy days make great pictures!

Yeah I'm one of Santa's helpers :)

So yesterday, our fellowship got together for a Christmas dinner, and finished off with a movie afterwards. What better way to do it, than with hot pot? Yes, we are so Asian. Haha. It was a good time of bonding and just chilling out. We need more chill nights like these, LSF! Looking forward to the next one :) Too bad we didn't get to play the Game of Things.

Hello, I'm Well & Alive

Sorry for the lack of updates y`all! I've been somewhat busy, with Christmas coming up, and school just around the corner. Basically been enjoying the last bit of my so-called extended vacation since July 2009 LOL. Funny how it seems like it was much longer than it really is. I think I've made the best out of it though. Some travelling, BHLC Family Camp, Beach nights, and a much deserved holiday free of anything academic! Christmas is fast approaching, and I have not finished my gift shopping! Okay, I am a little guilty of shopping more than intended for myself, but the sales are partially to blame! Who can resist a bargain? Girls, you would agree with me wouldn't you? Anyhow, here's the loot.

Sin Blush | NARS
Pink Ruffled Tiered Skirt | Kimchi Blue
Wallet | Kate Spade
Fuschia Dress | H&M
Rayon Silk Short sleeve | Wilfred

Yes I do realize everything I have purchased is pink lol. And no, it wasn't intentional. What can I say? It's my favorite color, if you guys haven't noticed. Okay since we're somewhat on the topic of Fashion.. I feel like I really need to address this. (I just watched Razor TV's segment on Singaporean Fashion) How is it possible that with it being 30 degrees out, in the humid, humid weather.. Singaporeans are able to sport winter wear? That just really irks me. I used to live there for a good portion of my life, so I know exactly how the weather is like. But seriously? Bomber vests, leg warmers, and scarfs?!? Really ladies? Really?? Guys, don't think you're not guilty either. Suede/Corduroy Blazers, and beanies (Toques)? There are many other ways you could pull off great looks without looking like you've hit the North Pole. Singapore is an island in the sun. Not Antarctica, or Canada for that matter. (And to clear things up, no, Canadians do not live in igloos with polar bears. I really don't know where Singaporeans get that information from.) I'm not saying that Singaporeans dress badly, but you have to admit, we are known for our typical shorts and t-shirt attire. And for the most part, it is not flattering at all. (I'd only suggest that you wear that to the wet market, or late night supper sessions @ the Kopitiam.) So kudos to those who actually bother to dress well despite the weather. I'm also not saying that you can't pull off the shorts and t-shirt look.. but just dress it up a little. Just no Pasa Malam 3 for $10 clothes please. Even my 52 year old aunt puts in the effort to look presentable. If you're a little tight financially, I assure you Cotton On, and many other local boutiques have reasonably priced items that are chic. And using a 3 degree drop in temperature or rain is absolutely no excuse for winter wear. 27 degrees is hot. You do not know cold weather until you've experienced it below 0 degrees. Now that's when winter wear is applicable. Ladies, accesorize a little more! Turn that simple shorts and tee into something with style. Or how about a dress once in a while? And guys, what's more fresh than a polo and cargos in that hot weather? I'm sure you guys could do a lot better. You certainly do not have to be a fashionista to look good. Just put in that extra effort :) When you feel great about what you wear, your confidence will definitely shine through. XO

Morning after dark

I think no matter how much I try to avoid it or turn a blind eye, I know where my heart lies. And tonight just reaffirmed that. It isn't a haste decision. I think I've thought about it throughly enough.

No es amor ♥

Shoes set

Show me what I'm looking for..

School is starting in less than a month for me, and to be completely honest.. I am a little nervous. But then again, I haven't been this excited about going to school in.. forever? Fashion School isn't like any other college or university. The majority of the students enrolled are females (hello, drama? let's hope not), but there's the occasional one or two male fashionistas. Also, I've been contemplating about hitting up the Motherland to live and kick start my career, after I'm done school. Which.. will be sometime towards the end of 2010. Definitely a decision that requires a long and careful thought process. But knowing me, I might just spontaneously pack up and leave. (Sometimes it works in my favor, and sometimes it doesn't) I feel like I'm always completely torn between the two places. Let's just say I don't really know where my heart lies. I've always felt that way, but people keep telling me that it's different when I have to actually live there. (Singapore) I guess I'll have to see for myself don't I? But with this decision, it comes with a whole lot of giving up and compromises. It will be a drastic change. Basically saying Goodbye to the last 8 years of my life here. The hard part will be saying Goodbye to my friends, the family, and definitely my church life here. Decisions, decisions. It's never easy.. But, I'm leaving it up to God to pave the way.

Different facets of me

2008 & 2009. What change will 2010 bring?

P.S Sorry for the lack of updates. Been terribly sick .. again. What luck hey? Anyways, I will be heading off to the USA in a couple of hours, so I'll probably do a post when I get back. (Yes, Miley Cyrus's song has been stuck in my head) In the meantime, don't miss me too much! I kid. Have an awesome weekend folks. See you when I get back. XO

Words of wisdom ♥

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left." - Marilyn Monroe

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