The week of mini-getaways

Hello blog, that I've neglected for some time. Updates? Well there was the week of getaways. Seattle & Sunshine Coast. I guess you can say it was pretty fun. Somehow looking back, I don't have much to say about it. I did love being in nature, away from the city and the loud traffic noise though. Rather relaxing. Definitely a place I wouldn't mind going to again.

On another note, a part of me has left the building, and I'm afraid it's gone for good. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I guess we shall see won't we? I think it's about time I get my life back on track. School-wise, and career-wise. I've been having too much fun lately, vacationing and all, that I've disregarded a lot of the important things I actually should be doing. For example, serving in church, and submitting my applications for school. I've also been slowly pulling away from everyone, and most importantly, my faith. I don't know why I find it so hard for me to just let it out, confide in someone, and open up about this in particular. There's a lot I haven't said, just because I'm afraid to let it all out. I guess it'll take someone I have complete trust in for me to tell it all, because the people that I once felt like I could tell anything to, I can't seem to anymore. Things haven't been the best, but i refuse to let it fall out of my hands. Sure I've been stubborn, but that's just how I am at times. Nothing is as easy as it seems but the best motivation is knowing that God is on this walk with me, always by my side. Even though the issue with my faith has been somewhat of a struggle, I'd still like to believe that He'll always be there.

Growing up..

is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older. We just had to forgive ourselves... for growing up. - The Wonder Years

It's a fam jam

What a fun-filled day. Def a fam jam. From Pho to Cupcakes, to shopping. Girls day out never fails to brighten up the rather dull day. I guess I should let the pictures do the talking huh?

Our first stop? The highly anticipated Sephora! I haven't been to Pacific Center in ages, so we thought we would give the store a look. Basically, it was like a cosmetics supermarket. Cool stuff. H&M, Holt Renfrew, and Apple were also some of our shopping destinations. Sadly, we came out empty handed. Not a good shopping day. (still hooked on that maxi dress.. sigh) Now all that walking made us hungry, and it was Melanie's choice as to what we would eat.. So we ended up at..

Joyeux Cafe & Restaurant, located at 551 Howe Street. Pretty good viet food I would say. Not your typical Vietnamese restaurant per se, but the food is reasonably priced, and yum. Also, the restaurant has a very nice ambiance. If you're ever in the downtown area, and you're craving for Viet food.. Here's my recommendation! More shopping after lunch! (We had to walk it off right?) Well the day wouldn't be complete without some dessert! Cupcakes was our next stop.

Pretty desserts. Pretty sweeet desserts. Very sweet in fact. Somewhat too sweet for my liking. But, it was good nonetheless. The store itself is worth the visit. Gives off that unicorns and flowers kinda feel. If you know what I mean. Cutesy? I think so. The girls were having fun putting frosting on their faces for some reason. Sillly girls! Haha. I think at this point of the day we were reaching our exhaustion point from 6 hours worth of shopping. Beautiful day out though! Sunshine + family!

Back to school.. not.

It's back to school week. Much dreaded, but I am not back to school.. Just yet. Hehe. The extended summer is great right about now. Melanie's finally here, and we've spent some time catching up and hitting up the hot spots in Vancouver. (more to come Mel!) Been rather busy this past week, (with the exception of chill nights) but the weekend is coming to a close! It is however, going to be quite the week, next week. Busy busy busy! And then sleepover w/ Diana and the trip on Saturday !! Can you say stoked? Pa is going back this week. Daddy-free doesn't sound too appealing.. Just because my mom can be quite the nag. And, she doesn't always agree with me on things. But oh wells, time to bond with the rest of the fam. Hitting up town w/ Mel this Saturday. Time for some brunch at the Salty Tongue Cafe (read about it in this month's FLARE) located at Gastown, and shopping around Robson/Granville. I miss days like these. Seems like such eons ago that I went shopping w/ my gfs, and had brunch over our small talks. Fall will def bring more of those to come! Anyways, since I like to plan out schedules and lists as a reminder, here's one for the next week. Out for now, xo.

Sunday: Church + Party in the USA!
Monday: States w/ the four!
Tuesday: Photo shoot w/ Andrew + cutie Rachel!
Wednesday: Work 10-5
Thursday: Lunch w/ Kristine + Sleepover w/ Diana
Friday: Day before the trip + Grocery shopping + Hanging out w/ the four : )
Saturday - Monday: We're in SC trick!

Fashionista, the real deal.

She's rocking that swag right,
theres nothing left to say

With fall closing on in, what else is there to look forward to, besides the rain? Two words. Fall fashion! I'm so excited for it. Time to bring back the days where we live by the "dress to impress" code. Those were some good times. A ton of fun mixing up the wardrobe pieces, and definitely the accessories. Speaking of fashion, one of my fashion icons, would have to be Lauren Conrad, from MTV's The Hills. She is definitely someone with class, and never fails to look chic, and put-together. The simple pieces that she owns, always seem to make a statement, effortlessly. Whether it's casual-chic, or classy, she works the outfit well. Seriously, who wears heels to shop for groceries? Now that's class. She also has a fashion line out. Slightly on a pricier side, but the pieces are classic. Although she’s putting her signature collection on hold for a few months, She’s actually teaming up with Kohl’s to do an affordable line for their department stores. Pretty awesome stuff. nonetheless, I'm excited to see the fall previews! Should be good stuff.

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